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February 22, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Neowin reports that MS has released a Critical Update for Flash earlier than its March "Patch Tuesday" for multiple Windows platforms (Ext. link).

You can read about the update itself here:


"...the update "resolves vulnerab...
February 17, 2017 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Fences, Stardock’s desktop organization app, has become quite a fan favorite since it was first released. The app lets you automatically organize your desktop icons and shortcuts into fences to keep your desktop area clean and organized. The latest version, Fences 3, added several new features, including compatibility with Windows 10.

Get Fences here.

Fences has lots of cool features to help you organize your desktop just the way you want it. I’m going to share my top 3 ti...
February 16, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

This just in via our Canadian correspondent Hankers:

Yahoo has been contacting some of its users to warn them that their accounts have been compromised using "forged cookies". It's the latest security embarrassment for the company, which revealed in September that it had suffered a data breach two years earlier that affected 500 million user accounts; and admitted in October that a second security incident had affected around a billion accounts...

"The investigation...
February 14, 2017 by Daiwa on daiwa
This is a follow-up to Brad's linked post which is locked, recommending setting the processor power on battery setting to 99%.

The one thing his post didn't indicate is what the default processor power setting on battery was before he set it to 99%.  My rig has it defaulted to 50%.  My simple brain thinks setting it to 99% would increase power consumption and reduce battery life.  If the default on his Surface Pro 4 was 100%, setting it at 99% would make sense to increa...
February 12, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

A link in Google search using a 'top of the page' paid for ad by this case, a MS Support scam (not really MS).

"On Wednesday, a top Google search result that seemed to be an advertisement for retail giant was actually something much more sinister—a malicious link to a Windows support scam. The problematic ad was first reported by ZDNet, but it seems that this problem has happened before.

Those who clicked on the ad were directed to a fa...
February 9, 2017 by Daiwa on daiwa
I finally transitioned to Windows10 Pro about 3 weeks ago when it came time to retire my Win7 laptop that had developed terminal constipation and display issues.  Among the many annoyances of the background/automatic update drill in Win10 is its handling of MS Office updates.  I use Word & Excel every day and I keep a bunch of documents pinned to the recent documents list in each application.  After getting them set up as I needed following the initial install, Update has remo...
February 6, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Things seem to get worse, not better. Ransomware is now the most common form of malware.

Now ransomware will lock your OS, as well as hold your data for ransom, bricking your computer unless you pay.

"In the space of a year, ransomware appears to have evolved on from the simple but effective strategy of locking down the files of infected targets until they pay a ransom, to incorporating additional malicious elements, such as stealing personal or financial data ...
February 5, 2017 by starkers on starkers corner
Well the title say it all, I just found a portable apps manager in Liberkey and I'm finding quite useful indeed.  Not only does it keep all the apps handy in the one place, I've been able to uninstall several similar/equivelant programs to save space on my SSD, being the Liberkey versions tend to have a smaller footprint.

The program is similar to Nirsoft's app manager, but I like Liberkey better.  Now for those of you who don't know about Liberkey, take a look here ...
January 21, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

January saw Adobe update its extension on Chrome browser systems. It did this silently alongside its "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" software.

No one saw this in the changelog, nor was there a "Do not install the extension" choice. Supposedly users got a Chrome notification after they opened the browser to enable it or delete it after the update. I don't remember any notification. 

When I checked my extensions, it was there, but not enabled. I've done away with it.

The ...
January 20, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Generally, you can tell a phishing attack from bad grammar and spelling, or a fishy url (sorry, I couldn't resist).

This time, it's different:

"An email lands in the target inbox from the hacked address, and here's where it gets tricky: The phishing email uses a legitimate subject line, text, and attachments from emails already sent by that account, making it look completely legitimate.

The phishing email comes with an "attachment" that is actually a scre...
January 15, 2017 by Fuzzy Logic on fuzzylogic
Well, maybe not - but it felt like it.

Friday morning I started my PC as usual, except I got an error message from SDtray.exe - that's the background scanner for Spybot. Having rebooted, it did it again. I searched the online forums which suggested solutions. After numerous attempts at clearing some files, then numerous attempts at clean installs - it wouldn't even install - I decided to give up. The log file was telling me the program was unable to access its own .tmp files.

I tho...
January 15, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

I've written a good deal about our shrinking privacy, and the Fourth Amendment in the past in connection with the internet and the NSA.

The latest comes in the form of an Executive Order, thus bypassing the up or down vote of the Congress, and will be added to the timelines of the most significant expansions of domestic surveillance in the modern era.

E.O. 12333 further erodes the barriers of between law enforcement surveillance and NSA spying. With access to the NS...
January 12, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Ghacks has reported (as had Neowin) changes in privacy in W10, which has been a concern of Windows users for a long time. "You can load in your browser of choice to open the new "Your Privacy" page on the Microsoft Account website." - gHacks

"In a nutshell: Microsoft will improve the privacy set up experience and privacy settings in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, and it has launched a new online privacy dashboard that Micro...
January 7, 2017 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Chrome's "autofill" for forms is a convenient feature, and it would be great, except that it 'leaks' information.

Websites which have forms to fill out can be a pain, and filling out forms is a pain, but what you see on the form is organized into "fields". You don't necessarily see all the fields. Some can be 'hidden' and get information from your browser you might not want the website to get. Pretty sneaky, imho.

At the gHacks link, there's a screensh...
December 23, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Not that update errors ever happen, but MS has a new troubleshooting and fixing tool for borked updates, providing the update hasn't rendered the OS unusable...

"This guided walk-through provides steps to fix problems when installing updates. Here are some commonly seen error codes: 0x80073712, 0x800705B4, 0x80004005, 0x8024402F, 0x80070002, 0x80070643, 0x80070003, 0x8024200B, 0x80070422, 0x80070020. These steps should help with all errors and not just the ones listed." - MS