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September 21, 2017 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Stardock VP Derek Paxton is modding on the stream at 5:30pm ET!

Ggthemachine (Callum) will be streaming Ashes: Escalation around 8pm ET tonight on Steam!

August 30, 2017 by Jythier on Trust me, I'm an accountant!
So I've seen a couple videos of this game, but things keep changing.  What kind of infrastructure are you guys building to get started?

Based on my Company of Heroes days, I know that getting started properly is key to an RTS game, and it seems to be key here too.   What build orders are out there?  Is there any universally accepted things?

I'm using my first engineer to capture and build a factory, or sometimes an extractor, while capturing.  But I haven't been ab...
July 19, 2017 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Discord is a voice and chat app designed for gamers, and we have an official Discord channel for Ashes of the Singularity. 

Get Discord here:

Players can join the channel and interact with Ashes developers, other community members, learn about events, share mods, and much more.

Join the channel here:

If all goes according to plan, most, if not all, Ashes players will have Escalation in the next few days.

Why are we expanding the criteria?

Simply put: While people like Ashes of the Singularity, the overwhelming message is that the community needs to be merged together.

We originally planned to allow players to play MP against each other but as time has gone on, it has become increasingly apparent that this would have both technical and fairness issues (i.e. do Ashes players get strat...
Want to find other players to play with in Escalation?

Download the Escalation Browser. When in your system tray, it will turn green if number of eligible players grows.  You can also chat with other players who hang out as well.

Note: Steam must be running in order to use Escalation Browser or you will get a "SteamAPI failed to init" error.
February 7, 2017 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
The Ashes: Escalation stream is now at 9pm ET on Tuesdays!

January 23, 2017 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Join us for a late night Ashes: Escalation stream over on Twitch at 9pm ET on 1/24! There will be giveaways, comp stomps, and plenty of salt.

This will be replacing the afternoon stream tomorrow.
January 20, 2017 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Take a look at a basic overview of a game's early starting builds and learn how to prepare your defenses, start building your army, and pinpoint regions for conquer.
January 19, 2017 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
GeneralsGentlemen has a new video which goes through an introduction of Ashes of the Singularity.
**RELEASED 1/26/17**


Eliminator Turret damage increased from 1000 to 2000Starburst Turret damage increased from 80 to 200Artemis logistics cost increased from 6 to 8Thantos sight radius increased from 500m to 800mAthena HP reduced from 2000 to 1200Engineer build time increased from 25 to 26Strategic Bomber cost increased from 120 metal to 480 metalStrategic Bomber cost increased from 800 rads to 1200 radsDrone Hive shield recharge reduced from 2 per sec to 1 per secMauler m...
Any of you interested in multiplayer (ranked) you can download and run this:


Basically, you run this and it goes into your system tray.  When there are ranked games available for you in your region, it will notify you.  Then, just load up Ashes and join the multiplayer queue.

Future updates will let you launch and go right into the queue, this is an internal alpha.

Do not distribute this link as it...
November 23, 2016 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
We'll be streaming Escalation today on Twitch starting at 2pm ET! See you there!
November 14, 2016 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
GameWatcher has posted their review of Escalation and gives it an 8.5/10!

"Between the new aircraft, cool new orbitals, and fantastic design of the Strategic Zoom function, there’s a lot here to love for any fan of the mass real-time strategy."

Read more here....
November 11, 2016 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Gaming Trend posted their review of Ashes: Escalation and gives it a 90/100!

"Well beyond simple DLC, Escalation polishes every aspect of the base game. The campaign is excellent, and the expansion of defensive and upgradeable structures helps ease in new players."