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April 21, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Sorry to relay this to you folks.

Apparently his body was discovered at his home in Minnesota early this morning.

He had to cancel a few shows recently…the latest because of the “flu”.

He sold more than 100 million records in his career, 7 Grammys…who’ll forget “Purple Rain” or “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” in 2004?

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, was married twice.

Anyway, sorry to be ...
April 7, 2016 by Uvah on Uvah's Work Shop
127 grand will get you one. Home builders would love this stuff. I think...yeah right lol
March 24, 2016 by RedneckDude on redneckdude

Feeling sad today. My best buddy in the world, Spanky, died this morning at 6:30 AM. He apparently had a heart attack.
He was a good dog. I miss him already.
We were close. He loved me and showed it. Life will go on, but it'll never be the same......
March 13, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Daylight Savings Time. What a hoax. When did all this nonsense start?

Ben Franklin invented it…as a half joke, and a dig at the French:

“Money would be saved, Franklin argued, if people rose with the sun and turned in earlier at night, replacing hours of expensive candle use with free morning daylight.” – National Geographic

But no one took it seriously…well, maybe some French folks, but apparently they didn’t lose any sleep over it.

March 12, 2016 by Jafo on Jafo's Ramblings
It's that time of the year again.  I've been to the track to get my passes etc. .... for the 37th time in a row.

Albert Park [Melbourne] is just 5 days away.  I'm posted at Turn 6 Left [Comms] and Terry's at 5.8 Right [Trackie]

And to think I was 26 years old at that first one I did in 1980 - when Alan Jones was World Champion.

Gone are the days of push-starting Senna [on my own] in Adelaide - I'll leave nudging 700 kilos of F1 to someone younger...

March 6, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Today, the former First Lady has passed away due to heart failure. She was 94.

The former first lady was living in Bel Air and has been in failing health in recent years.

Mrs. Reagan married Ronald in 1952 and went on to became a First Lady in 1981-1989. They had two children together. She was born in New York City. As Nancy Davis, she was an actress in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s, starring in films such as The Next Voice You Hear..., Night Into Morning, and Donovan's Br...
February 28, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Not seeing a whole lot reportable in tech at the moment, so…Zika! Don't panic. Please. When I was in Jump School, there was a sign at the gate of the training instruments which read, "Knowledge prevents fear." My response was unprintable, and in a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic.

This is the Zika virus…it’s an RNA virus which doesn’t specifically target any tissue (like brain in developing fetuses), but which is an equal opportunity infection. It isn&rsquo...
Last night my wife and I attended a debate organized by the Michigan Review at the University of Michigan.

On one side was Breitbart editor, Milo Yiannopoulos and on the other was journalist and noted feminist, Julie Bindel.

The debate revolved around Feminism’s effect on modern society. 


The Venue The room was filled to capacity.  The handful of protesters were escorted out promptly the moment they began to try to disrupt the venue.   Meanwhile, ...
February 20, 2016 by Jafo on Jafo's Ramblings
For anyone unsure..... think "To Kill A Mockingbird".

A more significant piece of literature in recent times there hasn't been.
February 14, 2016 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Image manipulation is supremely important in many field…Photography, Art, and many more including skinning.

Every year I post about this incredible FREE school (there is an option to buy “anytime” access to the lessons). There is also a re-run of the lessons if you can’t listen to the live lesson. This year there will be a total of 39 classes.

There’s even an additional discount offered on Adobe’s popular “Photographer’s Bundle&rdq...
February 14, 2016 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
January 27, 2016 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
For all you Australians out there......


December 28, 2015 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

What an amazing athlete…

Meadowlark (I always loved his name!)…joined the Harlem Globe Trotters in 1954…played with greats like Wilt Chamberlain…brought happiness and joy to millions all around the world.

They were serious players as well.

Here’s a video…not great quality…but there are others.

I’m gonna miss you, Meadowlark…Rest In Peace.

December 5, 2015 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

The gritty gangster (Feetch La Manna on the “Sopranos”) and detective (“Jagged Edge”) actor Robert Loggia has passed on at home at age 85.

He had fought Alzheimer’s Disease for five years, his wife stated. He didn’t only play the gangster/detective role, though. He played the company boss in “Big”. His career took off in 1966 with the lead in “T.H.E. Cat”.

His last role was the JCS General in “Independence Day”, I believe.

He was born on Staten Island and grew up in ...
November 22, 2015 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

This is a pretty revolutionary study out of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Note: The study only tracked blood sugar levels vs. meal types in 800 people continuously for one week and defined a “good diet” as one which produced steady sugar levels as opposed to a “bad diet” as one which produced elevated levels, because elevated levels are tied to diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome.

They also analyzed gut bacteria types believed to play a role in ...