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Convergence is the part of Stardock's Object Desktop that ties all the programs together.

It allows users to create true "skins suites" called Skin packs. A skin pack is a collection of icons, skins, and themes put together into a single file. When applied, Convergence communicates with your installed programs and directs them to change their various skins to the ones in the skin pack.

So a user wanting to have a particular overall look to Windows would simply apply a single Converg...
Our first T-shirt goes to manufacturing this week. The design is by Flipnet. The shirts will be on sale for the first month for only $12 apiece! Proceeds from the shirts will go to pay for the bandwidth running this site! We should have the shirts ready for sale within the next 2 weeks!
Stardock has released an update to DesktopX that addresses some problems found when running it on Windows 98 and Windows ME. Click on the link to get the latest version.
July 27, 2001 by _Martin_ on martin
My cock-up with transfer of DNS servers for web/email forwarding. Hopefully will be resolved soon, if MyInternet ever respond to my email !!!

Over the past few days we have broken a few records for the site in number of visitors per day. This is largely due to the increased popularity recently of DesktopX. The main limitation isn't in raw bandwidth but a limitation in server capacity.

Our solution is to upgrade the server. A new server has arrived -- a dual 1Ghz monster machine. We are in the process of setting things up and should have it ready to replace the existing server shortly.

In the meantime, with several hundred user...
July 23, 2001 by Alexandrie on Alexandrie
WinCustomize team would like to welcome aboard Mike Pacific (aka iMike) as new Admin and Developer, and Paul Martin (aka JAFO) as new Wizop (and official spell checker ).

We are really proud to have them in our team, we are sure they will do a great job.


please JAFO forgive my typo.
P)lease check this link and see what has transpired and assist in sending this rather distasteful human being your thoughts...

E-mail this "wonderful" person at
July 20, 2001 by Alexandrie on Alexandrie
A new theme for WinCustomize is now out!

Originally design by Jay-z2k

you can now change your here if you are a member, the theme name is Jay-Z

More themes will come soon, so stay tune!
The Register has done a run down on Stardock's DesktopX 1.0. Check it out.
July 19, 2001 by Alexandrie on Alexandrie
Hey we have a new theme called Green Apple for WinCustomize.

Try it right now!
July 18, 2001 by dendillon on dendillon, the windows icon site, from the guys at, has 6 sets of nonXP icons in their fullest glory. And on a side note, the iconfactory also has a new update for creating the 24 bit icons via photoshop. Check it out!
July 18, 2001 by Alexandrie on Alexandrie
Please everyone be carefull

I received today 4 emails with same msg in different language with a file attached. I'm sure it's a new virus.

Here is the msg:
Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks
July 17, 2001 by Istari on tandis
DesktopX is a revolutionary new program that allows users to add true objects to their Windows desktops. Through the use of these objects, users can create completely unique looking desktop environments for every imaginable use. Power users can use DesktopX to create the ultimate desktop for productivity, parents can use DesktopX to create a simplified desktop for their children. Corporations can use DesktopX to create a secure and focused desktop for their users. Users can create their own...
July 17, 2001 by MadIce on Quirks
CoolPlayer (by Niek Albers) will be Open Source. He is inviting programmers to co-develop future versions of this great player.

Niek believes that he needs other programmers on his CoolPlayer project to compete with other players.

At the moment he is cleaning of the code for the release.
July 16, 2001 by Alexandrie on Alexandrie
we have a new feature for WinCustomize Web site.

You can now choose to see or not the icons. So go under Edit Account and have fun!