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As I mentioned yesterday, there is a really good use-case for the Surface Pro X as a device that uses Remote Desktop to your "main machine" when doing heavy lifting provided that it is sufficiently powerful enough to do light tasks on its own relative to say a Surface Pro 7. Now, this is for my purposes.  YMMV.    As you can see, for me, the Surface Pro X hardware has the edge over the Surface Pro 7.    It's on the software support -- from Microsoft -- where...
This is my work station area at Stardock when I'm working in the Object Desktop area of the company which is located on the third floor of the building. As you can see, I have 3 monitors connected to a Surface Pro.  The reason I'm up here is so that I can collaborate in person with the rest of my team.  And the reason for the Surface Pro is that I frequently use it as a tablet for sketching on screenshots and designs. The only downside is that the Surface Pro 7, while quite power...
January 14, 2020 by DrJBHL on drjbhl
W7 ran its course from 2009 to 2020. MS has notified that there will be no more support for W7, meaning its kernel will become vulnerable to attack: "Security updates are essential to staying safe online, and Windows 10 is getting them while Windows 7 isn’t. Many flaws found in Windows 10 will also apply to Windows 7. Attackers will hear about them and can start attacking those vulnerable Windows 7 systems. As more time goes by, more unpatched, known flaws will exist in Windows 7 for...
January 6, 2020 by DrJBHL on drjbhl
Remember how useful God mode was? I haven't seen how to create it in W10...until good old Tech Republic (link above) mentioned it in a simple "how to". Just make sure you're the Administrator, right click on your desktop and create a new file. Name it: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and press "Enter".This is what you should see when you double click on the blue file:Mine is dark mode enabled from my prior article (
January 5, 2020 by DrJBHL on drjbhl
Dark mode has become popular for its eye and battery saving properties. I get daily updates from Lo and behold, three days ago I got this email from them.  The app works not just on W10 1803 and later, but also on Chrome and firefox. W10's dark mode can be accessed without this app, but it takes time, and frankly, this is easy-peasy: "Advantages of Easy Dark Mode: Enables quick switching between Light and Dark display modes in Windows 10.Selectable Hotkey.Fully suppo...
I just got the Surface Pro 7 and I'm loving the power of USB 3.1 gen 2 (the USB-C port on the side). I have everything connected via a single USB-C dock including two more monitors. My main workstation is in the lower level.
November 18, 2019 by BigDogBigFeet on BDBF's Pound
I recently upgraded my Lenovo computer with a new larger PSU and graphics card. So, I have now a genuine just over 1 year old Lenovo PSU 400 watts, 80+ certified platinum.  It has proprietary mobo connector 10 pin nine wired, also 6 pin PCIE/Graphix and 4 pin CPU power connectors.  So Lenovo only use. The graphics card is GTX 960 2 GB card. They are in need of a good home. PM me for details.
I love my Surface Pro.  It doesn't always love me.  This Summer, a firmware update caused the keyboard cover connector to not work anymore which forced me to use the Surface truly as a tablet.  It wasn't...a good experience. While I wasn't a fan of Windows 8, it was a pretty decent touch OS.  Windows 10...not so much.  A big part of the reason Windows 10 isn't good for touch is that it doesn't use the screen edges well. Windows 10, by default, has these touch-based...
October 19, 2019 by DrJBHL on drjbhl
Windows Defender is an excellent antivirus and antispyware. On my machine, I use it and Malwarebytes Premium. I also try to use common sense as to where I visit, and what I open. Advanced Threat Detection was added to Defender (MS) as a voluntary service. It was originally part of Enterprise solutions. I opted to add it to my system. I've had to remove it, since I didn't want to roll back the update and wait hopefully for a bug fix which would break something else. "Microsoft Defender ATP ...
September 29, 2019 by admiralWillyWilber on michaelwhittaker71
All I could find is a magazine that showed what the best hardware for your pc. is. First a magazine needs to use the average american pc. I don't want to maximise the cost I want a magazine that will show me how to maximise my pc with what I have.
September 28, 2019 by Frogboy on Brad Wardell - Skinning the frog
What an adventure... So I built "Frog-2019" and this time I bought a Fractal Design case that has a USB-C port on the front!  Great.  Well, my first motherboard, an ASROCK X299 Tachi said it had a USB-C front panel on it but when I got it, the actual header on the motherboard was missing. Ok.  That gets swapped out with an ASUS and now Windows 10 wants activation.  And this was a ridiculous situation. It said I needed to reactivate. Ah but there's a link that ...
September 26, 2019 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Hey guys, do any of you have a WD MyCloud EX2?   I have all kinds of issues with mine and Google gets me nowhere.   Seems most of the software is outdated, and things don't work like they should.   I would appreciate any info you may have.
September 11, 2019 by Frogboy on Brad Wardell - Skinning the frog
One recent feature of Groupy that I appreciate is that I can now specify how long I keep one window on top of another to group them.  Originally, this was instant but I found myself often grouping windows when I didn't mean to.  I think I'll request a half second option just to be difficult.   
September 3, 2019 by DrJBHL on drjbhl
Yet again insiders warned of processor spike and shortened battery life only to be ignored. This time your bluetooth connection can be broken, as well all due to a botched update to Cortana.  
August 16, 2019 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Hey guys, there are 3 free softwares at BitDuJour today only!  Smart Defrag Pro, VideoProc (Win/Mac), and All My Notes organizer.   Just sharing the news!