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July 27, 2008 by erathoniel on Erathoniel's Blog
  Cortex Command is an awesome game. I'll say it straight out. It's a platform action-strategy game with mod support and resource management. I'll let some screenshots speak more about it's style, and I'll just give a general description. It's fast, frenetic, and strategic, with resource gathering and management (gold), and a lot of action. It's a fun game, and it recieves a Teen rating for Medium Violence on the VCGW rating system. It's fun like all heck, though, and physics based. It cost...
June 28, 2008 by Al3xandr0s on gamerants
Well, everyone's heard the big news by now. Diablo III then.

It sure looks good. Blizzard have always been great at movies and they seem to deliver here also. Their website design is also top notch and this new one offers quite a few goodies for fans, the best of which is, I think, the journal area. So kudos for that also. There's a certain WoW vibe evident in the screenshots but during actual gameplay it's not so noticable and it maintains a nice, dark and gritty look even though these ...
June 19, 2008 by MagicwillNZ on cheapgamer
Found In:

Genre: Action.

Cost: $0

Worth It?: Yes.

Ah, Night Raid. This is one of those shareware game you used to play as a kid, where you'd only do the first few levels but you'd do them over and over again. Frankly, even back then, the game was too dumb to consider shelling out $10 or so for. The premise is simple: you are out in the middle of desert inside an adobe hut with a rapid-fire cannon mounted on top of it. Planes and helicopters would fly over...
November 30, 2007 by warreni on warreni's words
I finished True Crime recently, and I found it to be a pretty enjoyable experience. The game was criticized and not wholly unjustly for having a pretty simplistic combat system. It also drew a lot of inevitable and unflattering comparisons to the GTA series. However, it has one saving grace that I think actually makes it superior to the two GTA games I've played (Vice City and III): a branching storyline that doesn't grind to a halt every single time you fail to complete a story mission succ...
February 21, 2007 by warreni on warreni's words
I just finished Demon Stone from Atari a few days ago. The unusual thing about that being that I "finished" and didn't abandon it as tedious and pointless, which I have a tendency to do with action-oriented games. While I'm still not entirely convinced that "winnable" is actually a word, I did apply it in this instance. I generally play shooters on the easiest setting, because I lack the console- and really good PC-player's ability to repeatedly press buttons in various awkward configurations ...
September 28, 2006 by teh blake on teh_blake: a web log
If you have not seen the Alan Wake demo that is going around on YouTube yet, I suggest you check it out. It is essentially a demo of what they are doing with quad-core support with the game. One of the coolest things is that they are using one Kentsfield core on the new Core 2 Extreme processors as a dedicted physics processor. Uhm, what's the point of a PPU, again?

Anyway, it makes me excited to see that games are *still* getting more and more realistic and giving me some justification for s...
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January 26, 2005 by GH33DA on gh33da
The mod has certainly grown in popularity and talent in its relatively short life span. I still remember playing Threewave CTF for Quake. Heck, I remember playing Team Fortress for GLQuake and thinking mods won't ever get any better than this. Of course, they did. Especially after the explosion of the worldwide phenomenon known as Counter-Strike, the mod community now gains almost as much notice as their original games. This trend also includes the talent behind the titles. Mod team members have...
December 1, 2004 by ins11 on AlexB - Its mine!
If Tom Clancy was dead, he would be rolling in his grave about now. For one of the worlds best selling authors in the 'techno-thriller/action' genre it must be infuriating to see his Rainbow Six [book & PC game] title be reduce to this:

I will let the video speak for itself.
When I was PC Gamer give Half-Life 2 a 98% my hype alert meter went off.

But now that I have it and have played it for a couple of days, I have to agree, it's pretty fantastic. The graphics are really good but more to the point, the physics of the game really lend themselves to making the game more enjoyable.

My only pet peeve are the # of puzzles that have to be solved. But it's forgiveable since if you have an engine like they have, it makes sense to use it.

I also have DOOM 3 and in...
October 27, 2004 by d3adz0mbie on Blog of the living dead
Well, it's true. I loaded up Quake 3 Arena today to see how it runs on this powerhouse of a computer I've built myself and discovered I suck. Not just suck, but I'm really bad at the game now, and I might be scarred for life because of it.
I used to be a Quake3 GOD. Deathmatch was nothing to me, usually a 50 fraglimit match meant I gave everyone else a good 15-20min headstart of play time so they'd have a chance against me. Platform rail gunning, twisting and turning through the air without eve...
June 21, 2004 by mittens on Rawr
I just did a strategy guide for Unreal Tournament 2004 yesterday; this guide covers all the game's weapons and vehicles, along with general gameplay tips, Onslaught tips and Deathmatch tips. This is just part 1 of the strategy guide; part 2 will cover my favorite UT2k4 mod: Frag.Ops, and should be done by Thursday.Anyway, go check out the strategy guide at
June 3, 2004 by mittens on Rawr
My review of Battlefield: Vietnam has been posted over at FileFront, go take a look at it or die. As per the usual, here's the snippet:A couple of years ago I stumbled onto a game called Battlefield 1942 at a LAN party. At first, I just wandered around the huge maps in awe of the amazing landscape, and how big the maps were. Then, as I got more people in the LAN to join me in a few rounds, the fun really picked up. We played BF1942 for about 8 straight hours, and had an absolute blast. The game’...
June 1, 2004 by mittens on Rawr finally got around to posting my Painkiller review. More reviews are sure to follow, as I have at least 2 or 3 more submitted. Anyyyyhoo, here's a snippet from the review:If you’re looking for a deep shooter, with lots of strategic depth (like Deus Ex) or realism (like the Rainbow Six series), then you’ll definitely want to steer clear of Painkiller; this game is all about pulse-pounding action, and Painkiller has it in spades. From the moment you start this game up, until the mome...
May 13, 2004 by mittens on Rawr
Another one of my previews has been posted over at FileFront, this time it's on the Xbox version of Doom 3. Here's a snippet:

Another thing that’s quickly apparent in the Xbox version is that this game looks amazing for an Xbox game. It features a lot of the same graphical features of the PC, though, as you’d expect, it’s not nearly as pretty as the PC version. The levels aren’t quite as big, and the model and texture qualities aren’t quite as good; but still, for an Xbox game, it looks damn ...