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November 25, 2016 by Iben on Iben's blog site
Time is the propagation of electromagnetic radiation,time is light.
The speed of light is a constant because there is no way to
detect time changing speed in your own frame of reference.
The speed of time-light is only an operant constant.
The universe is filled with electromagnetic radiation,
light has a finite speed possibly because light must travel through itself,
this could be the limiting factor.Only light can travel at the speed
of light because light is time. If you could travel a...
Well there is at least one committee that is trying to do this in a hundred years. In the nineties NASA explored this and concluded it was not feaseable. What the problem is would shock everyone. Remember we don't need light speed, we could settle for almost. They have concluded that we have the technology for both the orion, or the dadulus projects the problem is we can't do it by any other methods. It wouldn't be required, but we even could use a matter, anti matter mixture. Appare...
I'm going to try to supplement my aging bioram with a record of whatever brilliant - or not - spin-offs from material in "Scientific American" that I'm able to generate. 

1> The article "Eggshell Education" in the June 2016 issue dovetails nicely with some thinking I've been doing about mockingbirds.   The OC went through a major decline in the Mockingbird population when the crows moved in en masse about 20 years ago.  Every evening brought rivers...

My comment there:  "I recall coming to essentially the same conclusion in the late '60's after reading Koestler's "The Act of Creation," or perhaps it was "Janus."  I think it was referred to me by the Nathaniel Brandon Institute. As I recall, Koestler did not believe in junk DNA, for good reasons having to do with basic information theory. 

I agreed, but, in part, my agreement ...
 Update 05-02-2016

One interesting note was the focus by the NASA reps on gender balance.  (My estimate is that overall, of the ~60 participants, probably at least a third were women.) The large team immediately behind me that was working on an emergency person locator APP aimed at alerting first responders as to immediate emergencies was ~gender neutral, slightly less than half women. Their top coder, by universal acclaim, was a black woman. The NASA rep (this w...
As to the amazing bright spots.

I cast my vote for bleach. As in sun-bleach. If you have a sublimation going on continuously for eons, then the stuff that get's kicked off is anything that can absorb a photon vs reflecting it.

Hence the high albedo for the moon. The dark molecules absorbed energy until they got hit with enough to kick them into a slightly different position. This is a natural selection process that inevitably results in bright spots where the sun shines, while no doubt...
(03/28/15) I bring up below the issue of scientific religiosity and give some examples related to critically important research that is being blocked or ignored by a religious scientific orthodoxy right out of Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions," sadly including Michael Shermer - the Skeptic, whose inept and misleading "Scientific American" piece on "scientific morals" does him little credit - altho it did trigger this blog entry.

Update: December 10, 2014

Still calm on the ebola front, if only because the action is taking place off camera, as in the reported hidden epidemic in Sierra Leone.  

Meanwhile, yesterday at work, it suddenly  occurred to me that there was indeed clear evidence that perhaps the radical feminists are more on target than I have been wont to credit.  Probably subliminally reflec...
So I have a 20KW solar array. Love it.  But it has one big problem for me that is surprisingly hard/expensive to solve: If the grid power goes off, so does the solar array.

That’s because the solar array feeds into the grid with me taking what I need first.  But if the grid isn’t up, the solar array has to shut down because it is no longer connected to the “circuit”.  Besides that, you wouldn’t want to run your house where the power could go on and off randomly based on cloud...
This past year I had a 20KW solar array put in.

For the month of July my electrical bill looked like this:

To translate this, my house uses a lot of juice, especially in the Summer months (air conditioning and such).  I’m not proud of the power use. But in essence, the solar array covered 2,685KWh of electrical use.

Plus, I had an excess of 640KWh.

The DTE program (heavily subsidized by the government) pays me for the energy I produce so I end up with a negat...
Generating about 2.5MWh per month in power.  Far more than I use.  DTE buys the excess energy at 11 cents per KWh.

If you’re looking for a non-politicized (just the facts) site for global temperatures here’s a good one:

All it does is use the NOAA satellite data to measure the atmospheric temperatures. No more. No less.  As a result, it doesn’t rely on readings ground stations which have tended to be somewhat inaccurate or affected by ambient temperature changes due to man-made construction (i.e. as an area gets ur...
March 26, 2012 by SirBedwyr on Just me
Frogboy, you talk a lot about AI regarding games and all the work you've done tweaking it for turn-based methods. When you talk about AI, is there a particular discipline you work with or that appeals to you when dealing with decision making?


My background: I've been working for... shoot almost 2 years now on some university unmanned systems research. The algorithm we're working on is primarily deterministic (it's not that complicated actually, just a method for weig...
I was reading on the forums today people complaining that even in a post-civilization world (one where people are basically getting together from the ruins) that they would “know” how to do all kinds of things like make bows, swords, etc.

I have a lot of friends who are active in the Renaissance and Medieval communities out there who always laugh at this kind of thing. The conversation goes something like this:

“Really, you think you can make a spear? Ok. Let’s see you do it. Let’s see...
February 5, 2012 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
I think the author of this article should go back to grade school and retake some basic science classes.