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January 11, 2017 by admiralWillyWilber on michaelwhittaker71
I remember the 13' black and white tv. I always windered what would they think of next. Regular Tv. sometimes was a pain having to sit a certain way hoping noone would come into the room. Sometimes having to spend 30 seconds to five minutes tuning in a channel to watch what was on when it was scheduled. I thought cabel would be different to only find out it was the same thing with more channels.

Then they invented digital for regular channels. Now up to this point technology usually debat...
January 15, 2015 by admiralWillyWilber on michaelwhittaker71
The reason earphones became more than a novelty in the year 2000's was it was just cheaper to mass produce earphones than headphones for free.

1. It is easier to roll up headphones than earphones. I go through more earphones because of this.

2. sometimes earphones pop off when headphones wouldn't.
Great idea, guys!   Looks like a natural for group shares, treasure hunts, as well as experimental governmental style services, such as ride-alongs for cops.   The infobot could give the officer an extra set of eyes and ears, freeing him or her up to apprehend or investigate, interviewing witnesses, etc. 

It would be ironic indeed, however, to see info-bots randomly distributed around the country, while cities no longer offer what used to be considered essential publi...