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August 4, 2008 by Ziggystyles on Ziggystyles Web Blog
Well Marcie ended up buying another camera for her self a while back.  Since then she has been bit by the photography bug...taking some really cool pics.  Well since our old camera was just as good as the day we bought it (and I like it tons better)...I decided to bring it along when we go out on my run on the weekends.  So here are some pics I snapped up.  I like flowers although I hardly know the names of any of them.  They just aren't that prevalant in the area u...
Have you ever heard a single drop of rain Fall, fall, fall Calling: "Shwahh... Splot!"   Summer is so close The sunshine is blushing all day long I can taste the air open up and smile again And our lungs aren't quite so tight and the safe structures are torn down no longer needing protection, from the winter wind burn. No need for structured isolation And the snow in our hearts, mine to be more exact has melted!   Please don't ...
September 22, 2006 by Xythe on The Mouth of Xythe
You don't see these to often. I took these snapshots of a solar halo taken on May 12, 2006 at about 1:00pm from Santa Rosa, CA. Thought I would share. Enjoy! As seen with the naked eye Taken through the lens of my polarized shades
June 22, 2006 by AvantiTexan on avantitexan
Being abroad (not a broad) you have the opportunity and the pleasure to see lots of entertaining signs. Here is one that Amanda and I have recently had a good laugh at: It’s a sign for an auto parts shop in Latiano Link. It doesn’t make much sense to the Italians, but I don’t think any Americans will be shopping there! I would love to see some of your "crappy" pics!
December 11, 2005 by AvantiTexan on avantitexan
Here are a few pics that I took in Scandicci (just outside of Florence, Italy). At one point it was much stronger in color, but by the time we found a safe place to pull over it was starting to fade. They were taken on Dec. 3. If you look closely, you can see the faint hint of a second rainbow to the right. Same rainbow, just portrait. This is my personal favorite. The rainbow was fading fast, but the close up view with the Italian style building is just amazing! Tuscany is beautiful! ...
October 11, 2005 by Leauki on The Leauki Empire
Follow the link to see some pictures of the part of Berlin where I grew up. Well, it's actually a bit north of where I grew up. A friend and I wanted to document the surroundings of our flats, which were also close to where I grew up, but we never finished the project. See the results of our first tour. It's quite amazingly boring, I promise! (It's been a while since I originally published these pictures.)
Finally, I'm able to post this one. It's been a month or so since I took the pictures that were sketched into this one panoramic photo. This is one among 3 sets that could be stitched together by Canon Photostitch nicely, other 2 simply have obvious lapses in the results. This outcome has made me wondering whether I should by a tripod or not..tripods are expensive things, you know. And I haven't been able to justify buying one. I mean, I know I simply can't make a good panoramic photo without t...
May 11, 2005 by itselect3 on translation services
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February 9, 2005 by Fezinha on dearlyfezinha
It wasn´t me who took it but, it´s a very nice picture, don´t you think?
November 26, 2004 by Ravenblack on Ravenblack's Grove
Here's a picture taken in MacRitchie Reservoir park. This is the place where they hold annual interschool cross-country competitions. The path sometimes run around the water, sometimes, it turns inward towards the forresty area. About a year or two back, a teenage girl who jogged along here or near this place was jumped on by a stranger and molested. An old couple came by later, found her naked and unconscious and bruised. She had been beaten up too. AFAIK, the culprit was never caugh...
October 18, 2004 by BlueDev on A blog without a cause
So I was playing around with some manipulation of some old photos I took of the results of an ice storm we had a couple years ago. And I was pretty pleased with the artistic effects I was able to pull off. Enjoy.
October 13, 2004 by Ravenblack on Ravenblack's Grove
I don't have anything to write tonight. But here's a pic I took from a car, back when my friend and I was on a road trip in Australia, 2 years ago. It was taken in the late afternoon. (It's quite similar to Chiprj's pics Sunset On Kaua'i.)
I spent some time scanning some old pictures into the computer today. Thought I'd share some tonight. I'll probably share some others over the next few days, turning my blog into a photo blog. In addition to these, I have some Army Hooah! pics, some puppy pics from our first litter, and even some old high school pics to share. These pictures were taken in Aug 96. I went on a weekend trip with a couple friends to the island of Kaua'i. We had an absolute blast. We travelled all over the...
July 28, 2004 by nowrafocus on Catch the next wave reviews/billabong.php3 Make sure you are ready to catch the next wave of God’s revelation. Come and be a part of the next reformation of God’s church. Come to Mannahouse Ministry Centre, 8 Bellevue Ave South Nowra
April 29, 2004 by mikimouse on Mouse's House
Some of these images are breathtaking. Some guaranteed wallpaper backgrounds here. Enjoy.