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February 16, 2012 by breakingguy0071 on breakingguy0071
When you are jail breaking the phone, your iPhone will still be powered and there is no need to have computer assistance for the same. The jail breaking of the iPhone is however not illegal in the US and so you can confidently go ahead with it.

iPhone Jailbreak Apps
iPhone Jailbreak Instructions
iPhone Jailbreak 4.3.2
January 5, 2011 by Shalkto on The Long, Twilight Struggle
So i figure it's time to look at getting some certification now that I have a steady job and some cash rolling in. After 15 years as a developer I wouldn't mind having a piece of paper to back up my credentials. Although I've always managed to secure some emplyment without the paper I know for a fact it would have helped me in one or two candidate selection processes.

So I'm looking through Microsoft Learning's site since I'm primarily a Visual Basic developer, having used jsut about every va...
January 4, 2011 by Shalkto on The Long, Twilight Struggle
I work for a company called Canadian Forest Products or Canfor for short. One of the projects I am working on is a program that will take the information about Canfor's Forest Stweardship Plans (FSP) and the related Forest Development Units (FDUs) and translate their geospatial information into GML. This export of data is required to report out to the Ministry on Canfor's silviculture activities and maintain the province wide Spatial Database on all major licensees (Forest Companies).

December 29, 2010 by Shalkto on The Long, Twilight Struggle
I work for a company that has offices spread out in various locations throughout North America, the team I work on is called the Woodlands Information Management Team or WIM. Our role is to be the stewards for data management throughout the company and oversee the standards and implementation of day to day applications and reports that the company needs to run and meet it's obligations.

The other day i was looking through the list of outstanding tickets and I seen this one that required me to...
October 10, 2010 by Daiwa on daiwa
Big MSN Headline today:

Search: Scientists find cause of honeybee decline

Follow the link, however, and you learn this.

This may turn out to be the cause of colony collapse disorder, might not.  But, mainstream press just can't get their arms around the fact that association is not causation.  That it takes a lot more than that to establish cause-and-effect relationships.  But they do us this disservice all the time - construing association to mean cause - especially when...
September 8, 2010 by HaitherG on haitherg
Stephen Hawking feels like God is unnecessary when it comes to the understanding of the whole world. Hawking has his own opinion on God which is shown in his book "The Grand Design" which was authored also be Leonard Mlodinow, Caltech physicist. He thinks that God is just something for humans that they need. There have always been controversies between scientific research and religion. The Grand Design talks about some of these. The law of gravity, not God, is what made the creation of t...
June 1, 2010 by mentor07825 on All that is me
Hello everyone. I've currently finished my second year in a games development course and I'm looking for book(s) on mathematical and physics centred around game development for programmers. The books don't even have to contain C++ code or the like.

The reason why I'm asking you all this because I've spent the day looking on the internet for the right books with no luck. I did find one book but it was more of a reference book then teaching it. Also it's because my Applied Physics lecture...
Video of testing here:

Hypersonic proponents worldwide will eagerly watch two long-awaited technology demonstrations starting with the imminent first flight attempt for the X-51 Waverider, to be followed within a month by the first flight of the Falcon HTV-2 hypersonic test vehicle.

Successful flights for both are seen as critical to proving the practicality of hypersonic technology for high-speed weapon, reconnaissance and space-access applicati...
March 13, 2010 by utemia on utemia
A german woman living in Zurich filed a suit with the german Supreme Court in Karlsruhe against the end of the world. The court denied hearing the case..
The lady in question wanted to commit Germany to actively do something about the CERN because the scientific experiments there threatened the destruction of the world (the Cern might create tiny black holes). Germany had the obligation to intervene at least until the warning of the impeding doom could be empirically confuted.

February 22, 2010 by Barika23 on lostwindowspassword
You will have to first login back to Windows Vista in case you forget your login password. Follow the steps as mentioned in this article and solve the problem.One of the major problems in Windows is logging onto your PC when you have forgotten your password. Vista allows us to create a “password reset” disk if you forget your login password.You can just press Ctrl + Alt + Delete > Change a Password > Create a Password Reset Disk. Follow the step-by-step wizard and you’re ...
106 billion people are thought to have lived on this planet so far.

Here’s a graph with some interesting stats on that.
I’m reading a recent book called The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology.

Written by Ray Kurzweil who is a fairly known futurist having predicted things from the Internet as we know it (Back in the early 80s), iPhones (well, basically the iPhone) as well as having developed a number of interesting technologies himself, Kurzweil makes a pretty interesting case that by 2045 (his predictions are very specific to invite comparison when the time comes) humans will have become esse...
I was listening to NPR this morning, and I once again heard the inevitable discussion of the withdrawal of combat troops in Iraq. Surprisingly enough (did you know that sarcasm comes from the greek, sarkasmos, the biting of ones lips in anger?) the interviewer suggested that the best we could do in the war was to withdraw our troops with a modicum of dignity.

However, having listened to a former Great talk about "peace with honor", (and no, really, he is not a crook!), I know that i...
June 27, 2009 by SplitPeaSoup on Nature Versus Ethical
I am trying to figure out how tension works. It is not intuitive to me. I know tension means the stretch on a string that opposes some force. But what happens when forces pull on either side?


-20N <--------------string-------------------> 20N


Is the total tension 20N, 40N, or 80N, and why? I would think it is 0N of tension so that there's no net force on the string, but that's just ridiculus.
April 22, 2009 by redbeardtwo on redbeardtwo
  Throughout history the endeavor of scientific discovery evolves from the most arcane of pursuits to an eventual acceptance and standard.A prime example of this are the tworelated sciences ofmpus farming and mucology.Pus farming is the science and mechanical applications as it relates to entrained fluids within facial and dermotological blemishes.Mucology a distinct but related branch of the pusological sciences is the study of entrained fluids and their effect on human tissue;related to t...