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October 25, 2012 by LadyCleve on Watershoes and Fairies
Here are two more poems, one from about five years ago, the other from seventeen, beginning with the most recent:


A fog of confusion wreaths the mind so densely

  that thought finds it impossible to navigate

  through to the outside world of comprehension

Imprisoned in a sleepless limbo and isolated by a sea of fearful lonliness,

  the body cries out for the gentle caress of a human hand

  as the soul mourns the separation from its mate

October 25, 2012 by LadyCleve on Watershoes and Fairies
Life is very different than it was five years ago when I was blogging here on a regular basis. It is different than two years ago when I posted for the last time prior to now as well. I moved...from WA to AL to PA back to AR...the last two on my own. I went through a devastating divorce, my marriage ending after 13 1/2 years, watched my exhusband remarry the best friend whose children I had helped raise for 2 years, and walked away from it all. I went through 2 other failed relationships, but le...
October 24, 2012 by LadyCleve on Watershoes and Fairies
Flipping through radio stations on the long drive home, I came across one playing some old familiar tunes I hadn't heard in was amazing the immediate gut reaction I had....Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue) heart's like an open book, for the whole world to is, really. How strange is it that I feel like a worn, little known classic, first edition, even, just waiting for someone to recognize the worth of what they've stumbled upon lying in their path, snatch it up ...


October 14, 2012 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
Am in Marianna Florida this weekend. I delivered my last stop on Thursday at the Naval base in Panama City then came up here to get a reasonably priced hotel room. There was a bike rally in Panama City Beach this weekend and even if I could have found a room down there it would have cost an arm and a leg.

Friday dispatch called me with a reload about an hour from here, in Alabama. By the time I got within 3 miles of the place they called me let me know the load had canceled. Oh well, back her...



September 27, 2012 by Leauki on The Leauki Empire
I have been absent for quite a while.

But I'll return soon.

I have a few things to say about politics, religion, life and blogging.

If any of my past readers are still here, I think they will enjoy the coming months.

And if you just came by and have no idea who I might be, I cannot say that there is much to know.

I have not changed.

September 23, 2012 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
It sure does feel like Fall now. As my back was bothering me quite a bit from too much load tarping last week I decided to take the weekend off here in Wisconsin. It has been very chilly all weekend. Had to break out my sweatshirt and jacket just to be comfortable.

The porch of the motel was covered with leaves this morning after a breezy night. Sigh. Winter will be along very soon. Yuck.

I am really not looking forward to Winter this year. After such a hot, dry Summer I think it's goi...
(from a forum discussion)

It’s not that I don’t take the issue seriously. It’s just that I don’t take you seriously.
I’ve had as my home but with two differnet IDs (draginol and frogboy) so thoroughly conflicted at this stage, I thought it would make sense to set up a site that combines them.

My articles still get posted on all the Stardock sites (you might be reading this on JoeUser or WinCustomize or Sins of a Solar Empire. Who knows.  But now you can find all my stuff together at
September 3, 2012 by anoukd94 on anoukd94
 when i was 3 i was so certain that i was going to marry my dad when i was 20 years old. every little girl at that age wants to marry her dad, because at that time he is the most important (and mostly the only) man in your live. but when you grow older and yo turn an age like 18, its not that simple anymore. of course everybody's live changes, but i never thought it would be such a mess. your dad is not the only man in your life anymore and the guys that enter your once very s...
July 29, 2012 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
Being on the road sometimes requires finding alternative ways of doing things that are simply done at home. Blending/mixing things is one of those tasks. It just isn't practical to carry an electric blender in the truck. I recently bought a Blender Bottle and am finding it really handy.

Basically it's a plastic shaker bottle with a stainless steel wire ball inside that acts like a whisk when the bottle is shaken. I am using it to make protein shakes.

The first shake I tried was 8 o...
July 22, 2012 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
I am in the Richmond, VA area. I will be delivering a military vehicle to Ft. Pickett later this morning.

This morning I did my weekly weigh in and have now lost a total of 25.5 lbs. That takes me almost half way to my goal weight.

Yesterday I bought a new polo shirt. I bought an XL thinking that would be about right, but when I got back to my motel room and tried it on it was too big. I returned it and got an L. The L fits very well. I haven't been able to wear a size L shirt in years...