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September 13, 2015 by Frogboy on Brad Wardell - Skinning the frog
I'm not sure which is more disgusting. The things that Sarah Nyberg allegedly did (i.e. being a pedophile) or the uncritical defense she's getting from SJWs despite the evidence being overwhelming.

These are the same SJWs that spent years posting in comment threads on every article that covered one of our games insisting I was a "sexual harasser" or worse based on obviously false and disproven allegations by a disgruntled former employee who later had to apologize.

They exemplify "there ...
If you’re not familiar with Galactic Civilizations then you are in for a treat this May when Galactic Civilizations III ships.  GalCiv is the ultimate sandbox game. The universe is your domain and you are in charge of a fledgling interstellar civilization.

In order for the galaxy to be immersive, the computer opponents need to be interesting, challenging and intelligent and do so without having to rely on cheating.  You can play multiplayer but we don’t want to have to rely on th...
In order to preserve a more perfect record of the terrible, terrible things I say on a regular basis I am going to post them here, in writing. 

A note for children who may read this:

Grownups have jobs. They spend a lot of time at those jobs and over time they become friends with the people they work with. As a result, they may say things to one another with humor. This is called banter.  Banter is humorous discussion shared between friends that when taken out of context can...
A Social Justice Warrior is defined as:

pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. A social justice warrior, or SJW, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting on behalf of. They typically repeat points from whoever is the most popular blogger or ...
January 10, 2015 by Mighty Maid on Mighty Maid's Report
I have been gone many years. I only returned to tell everyone I am well. I moved on from hotel housekeeping  to housekeeping in a carehome in 2009. I was no longer happy at the hotel. I then worked at the carehome until August of 2014. I retired at that time. I am now blogging over at Wordpress. If you would like to catch up with me you can at

He is referring to “GamerGate”.  Now, full disclosure, as a game developer, I don’t even consider it possible to be part of GamerGate.  Historically, the games media was there to protect consumers from evil, greedy bastards like me.  But at some point in the past few years, some of them decided they really didn’t like gamers.  I find it odd. It’s like a sports reporter not liking the fans of the sport he reports on.  Finding this situation odd makes me “part of a h...
Recently game designer Damion Schubert wrote a blog criticizing some recent reporting by Breibart regarding how sloppy reporting had hurt my career. In his criticism, Damion had used a hit piece Kotaku had published on me as evidence that the reporting done on me had been reasonable.  In response, I went through his blog to point out the various factual errors the Kotaku article had made by relying on only a single, biased source along with carefully selected court documents to create a nar...
Wow!  Time sure has run away from me this past year,  or three or four.

I'm older,  fatter,  and perhaps no wiser.  Hindsight is always great,  too bad it's name is so appropriate! 

We had a stunningly beautiful autumn here in October,  surely the loveliest I've ever been lucky to see.   I got out on my power scooter and took numerous photos to remember it by. 

I still have my little Yorky/Poodle mix,  Cocoa, ...
October 5, 2013 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
I haven't had a cigarette in months now. I've completely switched to vapor and love it. I feel a lot better, don't cough in the mornings any more, and my breathing is great now. 

I smoked for over 35 years and was up to 3 packs/day.

Today I bought my 8th "mod". It's a monster and I love it.

Here's a photo of it between two other mods that are considered to be large. It's a fracking beast.

August 10, 2013 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
My newest eCig mod setup had arrived in the mail and was waiting for me when I got to the office yesterday. It's an eVic vaporizor and a Protank 2 clearomizer. I already had the skull drip tip.

The eVic is quite the nice mod, pretty high tech. It has a usb port for charging as well as connecting it to the computer to upload/download data and settings to and from the device as well as upgrading the firmware as updates are released to add features and fix any bugs (of which I haven't ye...
July 19, 2013 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
I've been trying to quit smoking cigarettes using ecigs instead. Not the ones that look like cigarettes but "mods". Big batteries, put in the flavor of liquid of your choice.

I had cut way down but still had been smoking some cigs.

I've been in a motel since yesterday afternoon, in a state that doesn't allow smoking in any hotel/motel room while my truck is having some electrical issues repaired. I've just vaped while I have been here.

Earlier I walked to the c-store acr...
July 4, 2013 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
I've found an effective way to stop smoking cigarettes; vapor.

In the past I had tried those "cigalikes", the e cigarettes that look like a real cigarette. I found they really didn't taste all that good, were expensive, and very unreliable.

Now I have discovered that there are far better vaping devices out there. Mods. Devices with large capacity batteries, look nothing like a real cigarette, and you can add a huge variety of e liquid aka "juice" flavors to them. 

I now hav...
April 12, 2013 by latchpop123 on latchpop123
Animation precedes the invention of photography and the cine camera by sev Animation is an art form which can come from anywhere and which can go to anywhere - from a large production team working in a highly specialised studio or a lone individual working out of a bedroom, to an Imax Cinema screen several metres wide or a mobile phone screen a few centimetres across.
eral decades. Animation is 100% artifice, and as such, the synthesis of movement through the sequential use of small fragments o...
April 9, 2013 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
After my work day ended yesterday I took a nice two mile walk to stretch my legs and enjoy this warm Texas weather. While walking I found a five dollar bill in the grass beside the road.

I got the benefits of the exercise plus put an extra five bucks in my pocket.