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April 7, 2024 by SirBedwyr on Just me
I'm looking for some high quality (512x?) icons suitable for large Start 11 icons. I like to have my custom icons take up most all of the space and there's a few items on the start menu from OD that need some attention.
March 21, 2024 by sboben on The World of Graphic Light
I'm wondering if there's an easy way to get apps downloaded from the Windows store, onto ObjectDock. Generally apps appear in the dock when you open the app, and you can pin them to the dock from there, but apps downloaded from the Windows store, Facebook Messenger for example, do not appear to work that way and they're stored in a hidden, inaccessible folder so you can't just create a link to them. Is there a work-around to this?
April 28, 2023 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Why are there no more Masters skinning? Come on guys, lets see some work!  Lol..   We need more skinners.
April 9, 2023 by marchk01 on marchk01
Long time Stardock user here (+18 years) I was trying to understand why ObjectDesktop 4.1.7342.25505 (current version which is over three years old) is constantly prompting to upgrade my installed version of Fences to 4.10.6 (which is obviously just a minor error in the version parsing or embedded version number in the EXE) so I decided to trace network traffic from ObjectDesktopManager to find out where it gets the list of available software updates from. Using SysInternals Proces...
March 1, 2023 by c242 on c242
I am not sure if this causes issues with stardock apps also, but the newset part of Windows 11 updates causes issues with tools, that deal with explorer and cause loop restarts of explorer.exe.  ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack. are named, but other candidates COULD be Start11 and WindowBlinds I guess.
February 20, 2023 by Urban1 on Urban
I am running the latest windowblinds on windows11 but when i try a skin that comes with windowblinds the taskbar buttons does not change, is that a bug or can i not skin them in windows11?
December 13, 2022 by c242 on c242
Could You please finally fix the imminent problem of the OD app update loop? 
May 2, 2022 by TwoWolves on The Two Wolves Widgets
Does anybody else have this? Worst after boot or out of sleep but does happen when coming out of a full-screen app window quite a bit. i-9 12900KF with GTX3080 Sorry it's a bit dark, taskbar starts in the centre with empty space below start-menu. I have blanked out personal info.
February 9, 2022 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
I wonder why ObjectDesktop thinks WindowBlinds is compatible with Windows 11?  
December 5, 2021 by SirBedwyr on Just me
Can I ask how OD works when detecting new versions? I don't normally see it in the task tray or in memory AFAICT, but sometimes it pops up with new program version alerts. Is it normally closed and the programs themselves call OD? That would be perfectly fine I think, I just want to check as I habitually disable updater systems like Adobe and similar. It has nearly always made tracing issues on my system easier.
October 7, 2021 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
I know Windows 11 is new, but I have it on several PCs and ODM errors on checking for updates on all of them.  Just a heads up.
May 27, 2021 by Chris TH on chris-th
Opened OD Manager today and discovered a new entry: I guess it's per the label - some kind of test of OD  Manager (?). I haven't tried installing it (!)    Cheers, Chris.
May 27, 2021 by Stupendous Man on Juryguy Skins
Hello.  I installed OD, Curtains, and CursorFX, no problem.  But when I tried to install WindowFX, I got an error code 5.  What is that error please?
May 19, 2021 by Coffeebandit on Bezzedeb's Place
Is Object Desktop still not compatible with Windows 10?
April 18, 2021 by ryan241 on Ryan's Page
On April 2nd I went to renew my OD but accidently purchased a new key instead of renewing my old one.  I submitted and ticket as soon as I saw the error with the hopes of getting this fixed.  It's been over 2 weeks since I did that but haven't heard anything back.  Is that normal?