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When I look at the people who have gotten "canceled" over things they posted on the Internet, it's disproportionately GenXers.   Why is that? I think it's the awkward timing. GenX grew up on BBSes and Usenet which were a free for all.  It wasn't until the Millennials and later GenZ came on the scene that the raunchy, insensitive, or intentionally trolling behaviors of GenX got us into trouble.  
April 3, 2024 by ZubaZ on zubaz
ObjectDock brought me bakc to the forums after a long time away. It' sgood to see familiar faces (or whatever). Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.
February 6, 2024 by teddybearcholla on Teddybearcholla
December 8, 2023 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
Sad to hear this news, he was a great actor! “My dad passed away peacefully today, with his loving team by his side supporting him and loving him as he would us,” Patrick O'Neal, a Los Angeles sportscaster, posted on Instagram.
November 13, 2023 by teddybearcholla on Teddybearcholla
I will pick up the Windows 11 from my pc guy. Then comes a learning process. I won't beable to have my Photoshop6.... so have to find new ways to do what I did in there..... or not!  Wish me luck!  
October 9, 2023 by BigDogBigFeet on BDBF's Pound
I purchased this title last year while it was in alpha development.  I had it for download briefly from the Epic launcher. I no longer have the download for the game and sent email with a copy of my PayPal payment for the title.  Do I need to submit a ticket.  If so, what is the correct link? Thank you.
September 26, 2023 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
Sadly, David McCallum, a very great person and actor, has passed away. David McCallum, Actor in ‘NCIS’ and ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,’ Dies at 90 - The New York Times (
September 11, 2023 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
July 4, 2023 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
June 30, 2023 by teddybearcholla on Teddybearcholla
I'm sure some of you know that Alan Arkin passed today.  The movie "The In Laws" with Peter Falk is one of the funniest!
April 8, 2023 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
vStyler (John) totaled his Toyota Prius the other night. He was driving down the road and the engine just quit, no warning at all. He could not steer the car and it went off the road into some trees. His legs and arms are cut and bruised and his head hit the steering wheel, The damn airbags didn't even deploy!   Sadly, now he cannot even take his wife to work, go grocery shopping, nothing. He has to rely on others to help, so if you wish to help him out a little financially, please PM m...
February 27, 2023 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
With a broken heart I will share with you, my family, that my youngest son has left this plane of existence and is hopefully healthy and happy in his new world.   Please pray for me and the family as we deal with the loss.   Thanks guys. Love yall.             
December 7, 2022 by Tatiora on tatiora
The Orb X is a multi-purpose computing pod that will let you shut out pesky distractions to focus more deeply on gaming or work. It looks like something out of a futuristic Jetsons-era catalogue, but it's a lot more real than you'd think: Cooler Master is already taking pre-orders for their creation. Climbing inside the Orb X will wrap you in speakers, screens, and overall comfort as you immerse yourself completely in the experience. Although the device isn't completely enclosed, a dome w...
November 30, 2022 by Tatiora on tatiora
Today, in people are wildly creative: someone is constructing the Kaneda bike from the anime  Akira , which may be the most iconic bike in all of anime (or popular culture, for that matter). YouTuber Ayato has undergone quite the massive undertaking with this project and is documenting his progress on his channel for everyone to see.  In the video above, Ayato discusses some of the modifications he's intending to make from the original design. These are mostly things to account...
November 23, 2022 by Tatiora on tatiora
Here in the states, Thanksgiving is upon us! On Thursday, many of us will stuff our faces with turkey and then fall asleep on the couch in front of the football game. Or, if you're me, you'll fall asleep in front of a video game - I've never been much for football. Some years ago, Black Friday used to be a big event for certain members of my family. My parents, sister, and I weren't so much into it, but we'd usually go visit our aunt and uncle and cousins in their tent camped outside the...