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November 15, 2023 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
Here is a preview of a soon to be released Premium theme called Green Bay. I will be doing all 32 NFL team colors in the future based on their team location, with Miami being the next theme. Let me know what team you would like see created soon! Due to copyright laws, themes cannot be named after the actual NFL teams, and the wallpaper in this screenshot will not be released with the theme but will be released for free. There will be team color related wallpapers with each theme though. Hope eve...
July 1, 2023 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
This thread will contain images and descriptions for all my Premium Skins for Windowblinds as they are uploaded to my new web site. Please note that proceeds from my sales are used to help the poor and needy. LightStar Design – OS Customization Designs Thanks for your support!
June 10, 2023 by c242 on c242
Bought a MacBook and about to work on the 'dark side' half the time. Are here any hybrid users doung the same and have You customized Your macs? Is it a thing in Macos or impossible? Some links would come handy. Thank You. Yes, there is always Google, but why not make use of the customizers bubble here.
February 8, 2023 by Jan Oscar on Jan Oscar
I've been making my own (like in the screenshot) and downloaded other skinners'  Rainmeter widgets for a long time since DesktopX was discontinued and there's even a gallery here at Wincustomize. I don't see DesktopX being brought back to life, but something similar with a very simple interface (think Curtains vs. Windowblinds in terms of simpler) would be great in my opinion. Any thoughts?
August 1, 2022 by c242 on c242
Winamp was updated to work with Windows 11 and other fixes. Winamp 5.9 RC1 Released - Winamp & Shoutcast Forums
March 8, 2022 by Daiwa on daiwa
I just installed Microsoft 365 (had no choice in the matter, neither here nor there).  Now the right-click "Change Icon" function is not working - dialog just fails to appear.  I can open IP itself but the right-click option is on the fritz, even after a reboot. Anyone else encounter this?  Suggestions?  Uninstall/reinstall? Thanks, Daiwa
December 30, 2021 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Hey guys.  This is what you can do with Windows 11 without WindowBlinds or Curtains.  Just saying.   Not so bad?  
October 28, 2021 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Now that we're almost clear of the Halloween season, the next event to look forward to is Thanksgiving near the end of November. Halloween and Christmas are our two biggest skinning holidays, and Thanksgiving has never really been popular for desktop themes. Even though I like changing my desktop for the seasons and holidays, I usually just skip ahead and get my Christmas desktop going. So that's the question this week. Do you add any Thanksgiving themes to your desktop?
September 14, 2021 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
As we've done in the past, I get emailed and read blogs about design and a couple times of year various sites put out their seasonal colors, and the latest is from Creative Market. They have Cosmic Iris  as their "Color of the Season". "Iris: a flower with sword-shaped leaves, the Greek goddess of rainbows, the part of your eye that lets light in. As we discover what this new normal can look like, here’s a color that captures our quest for the unknown. The curiosity in...
June 19, 2021 by GAIAStevef on GAIAStevef
Saw these on Neowin in a screenshot for the new WIndowblinds 10.89 version.   What blinds are these?         
June 16, 2021 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
I used to enjoy changing the login or lock screen on Windows. We had LogonStudio which was a great tool for customization, but as Windows progressed versions the ability to customize it was pretty much gone. In Windows 10 you can set to your selected image or slideshow or use the Windows Spotlight feature which picks a daily image for you to display. You can also select certain apps that will show a quick status on the screen such as your calendar or mail app. I usually don't pay much attenti...
May 7, 2021 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Hey guys. I hope someone out there has multiple taskbars and can confirm this.   Also I hope Stardock can fix it.  Although I think it's a Microsoft thing.   I have triple monitors with a taskbar on all monitors.  The main monitor gets a different context menu than the others when right clicking the taskbar.   Yall seeing the same? Main monitor:   Secondaries:  
April 7, 2021 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
I get a lot of emails from creative and design websites, but this one caught my eye because orange is a favorite color of mine and I like this one. Creative Market is calling this the " color of season " for spring, and I think it would be a nice choice for some skins and themes.  HEX: #FF825C RGB: 255, 130, 92 "A mid-century revival with a bright red undertone and high chroma, Electric Tangerine feels both vintage and futuristic. Nostalgic and hopeful. This punchy hue captures the...
February 16, 2021 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
I have been looking at the 2020 data for WinCustomize regarding the top downloads and galleries for last year. I always find it very interesting to see what other people are downloading. Sometimes it's skins you might have missed or didn't expect to be popular. Everyone has a different style they like, so it's also a good way to keep up on any trends that might be happening. So, let's take a look at the most downloaded skins on WinCustomize in 2020! Top 10 Overall Downloads CREATIO...
How does WindowBlinds 10 handle older skins on the latest version of Windows 10? The answer: Inconsistently.  There are some apps, like Notepad, where it always works fine.  Others, like an Explorer window it sometimes works fine.  And then there’s Edge where it rarely works fine.  Look at the results yourselves. For the next version of Win...