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January 14, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Lights Out
Album: To Whom It May Concern
Year: 2003

The daughter of Elvis. Ex-wife of the self-proclaimed King of Pop, Michael Jackson and paycheck actor, Nicolas Cage. On her website, Presley said "this album is me."

Written by Glen Ballard, Cliff Magness, and Presley, "Lights Out," the only single from her debut album finds her coming to terms with her morality and father's absence. Her father is a distance from her. A distance she wanted by running away from him. Distraught and re...
What is it with all the crap that's on the radio these days? I've spent entire drives to or from work hitting the seek button and spinning through the radio stations to find nothing but crap. It doesn't help that Monterey has a particularly lame array of stations and terrain that makes pulling anything in dicey at best.

Once I find a station that is playing something that doesn't suck, they follow it up with something like Modest Mouse. I mean, really? Modest Mouse? Musical geniuses de...
January 14, 2005 by M-Post on I sank the ship?
I'm sure I'm not near alone with this observation... but the older I get the more I notice how my music choices have changed over the years.

When I was a little munchkin, I listened to what my parents listened too. Dylan, Beatles, Doors,Seager, Clapton, Mellencamp, some Floyd... CCR.. etc of that generic type of genre...

Then I got a bit older, and started finding my own music to listen too... Def Leppard, Bon Jovi.. etc... (hey, not my fault the 80's sucked! )

Then came my teenage...
January 13, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
All Falls Down
Album: College Dropout
Year: 2004

As critics hailed him as the savior of hip hop, Kanye West chomped hungrily on the vast amounts praise. Then, he bit the critics' hands for not calling him a God. A sample from his interview with "Critics listen to my album for five minutes and judge it, and I’m not supposed to say something? I’ve been working on this shit for my whole life. N****, you say something, I’m going to read your name and be like, ‘You have no idea what yo...
January 12, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Nobody's Home
Album: Under My Skin
Year: 2004

Avril Lavigne reaches out to a confused friend in "Nobody's Home." Written by Ban Noody and Lavigne, she is clueless as to the cause of her friend's depression. She could only watch helplessly as her friend self-destructed ("I couldn't tell you why she felt that way/She felt it everyday/And I couldn't help her/I just watched her make the same mistakes again").

Her friend is trying to deal with her many problems. One proble...
January 12, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Album: Bittersweet
Year: 2003

In 2003, the most publicity Blu Cantrell coud generate was about who she was dating. Photos of her surfaced in December 2002 holding hands with "Girlfight" and "Blue Crush" star Michelle Rodriguez. A month later, US Weekly reported Cantrell was feuding with Pink over Tommy Lee. Nonetheless, people responded on message boards with "who?"

Apparently, Dr. Dre, producer of "Breathe" was thinking the same thought and didn't even bother to make a song fr...
January 11, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Someone's Watching Over Me
Album: Hilary Duff
Year: 2005

According to, Joel Madden, lead singer of Good Charlotte and Hilary Duff's boyfriend, has made New Year's resolutions for 2005. There are the usual: work on music, have world move towards peace. Then there are the outlandish: get married and have a baby. It wouldn't be crazy if Duff weren't 17 years old, making her barely legal. (""My New Year's resolutions are to work on (my label) DC Flag Records and Made Clothing,...
January 10, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Get Right
Album: Rebirth
Year: 2005

After titling her second album, clothing line and perfume J-LO, Jennifer Lopez is now Jennifer Lopez. "I'm not J.Lo, she's not a real person. She was just a bit of fun that got really crazy. I've never been anyone but Jennifer," Lopez said, according World Entertainment News Network. Her PR person needs to stop watching Buffy reruns. Apparently, this fake J-LO people been seeing is someone who is addicted to the press, talks about her private ...
January 9, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Accidently In Love
Album: Shrek 2 Soundtrack
Year: 2004

Adam Duritz wanted "Accidently In Love" to fit the vibrant animation of Shrek 2, according to The Oklahoman: "Animation presents a world that is far more brightly colored than the one we live in, and (that's) why they're fun to watch."

The lively, enthusiastic "Accidently In Love" finds Duritz falling for a woman he didn't intend to have feelings for. His girlfriend notices him staring off into space and she wonders if something'...
Well since the masses have been begging for me to blog again (ok it was just two people that dropped hints that its been a long time since I've blogged) I thought I better do something.

Recently I have been getting into Cover songs. Now I used to be of the opinion that 90% of all covers suck. I am/was of the opinion that there are too many damn covers out there and these slacker artists outta get off their asses and come up with their own damned songs!

Now let me explain. I usually hate co...
January 8, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Do Somethin'
Album: Greatest Hits - My Prerogative
Year: 2005

In Britney Spears' current Letter of Truth (aka Letter of Unconvicing Explanations), she backpedals, takes shots at her record label, and reinforces her new image as the former glamorous pop star/crazy dog girl.

A few choice, laughable samples from the letter: "I think I should rephrase myself from my previous letters when I was talking about taking a "break". What I meant was I am taking a break from being told what ...
January 8, 2005 by Alex Sladevicz on :: UnCult ::
Artigo originalmente redigido em 29ABR2004

A globalização às vezes pode ser fascinante: quem diria que um dia iríamos ter uma banda indie sueca batizada com o primeiro nome do brasileiro que foi Rei do Futebol? Pois Edson, "a banda que nunca recebeu uma resenha desfavorável", segundo atesta o press-release da própria, tomou emprestado o primeiro nome do Rei do Futebol, Pelé, aliás Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

Da gélida Suécia, a banda Edson começou como uma idéia de Pelle Carlberg, em 1998...
January 8, 2005 by Alex Sladevicz on :: UnCult ::
Sabe aquela desculpazinha esfarrapada de "pode não ser a coisa mais original do mundo, mas..." que em geral é usada ou para encobrir uma cópia deslavada ou para descrever uma banda boa, mas sem originalidade? Quantas bandas, principalmente do Brasil, você conhece que copiam descaradamente uma outra banda e ainda assim são legais? E quantas tantas outras bandas, nessa paranóica busca pela originalidade a qualquer custo, acabam ficando chatas demais? Ou pretensiosas demais? Ou simplesmente inaudív...
January 7, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Album: Hotel Paper
Year: 2003

Michelle Branch realizes she's been pushing her boyfriend away in "Breathe." She hasn't let him get to know her, something she didn't know she was doing until he told her about it. Defensive, she thinks he's criticizing her and not wanting to say something she regrets, she leaves. She decides she needs to drive and clear her head. ("I've been driving for an hour/
Just talking to the rain/You say I've been driving you crazy/and its keeping you away/So ...
January 6, 2005 by Dusk411 on The Bland Is Out There
Album: Rock Steady
Year: 2003

Gwen Stefani wants to continue moving forward in her relationship in "Running."

They deal with issues all the time together ("Running all the time/Running to the future/With you right by my side"). She is surprised her husband, Gavin Rossdale wanted to be with her for the rest of his life ("Me/I'm the one you chose/Out of all the people/You wanted me the most"). For some reason, I picture Gwen Stefani casually playing her band's "Return to Saturn"...