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June 19, 2008 by Badstone on seowhat
Ah, life. As if things weren't complicated enough, along comes this WWII leftover bunch of wires here and there, and a couple of years go by, and a vice president 'invents' the Internet, and KAPOW next thing you know, google is a verb.

You can't be a real business in the 21st if you don't have a website. "Email me" is universal. Selling is an electronic experience. So what's going on?

Simple; the googles get richer and the googled get poorer. Google will make money until the Earth figures ...
October 25, 2006 by relswick on Blog home for Rich Elswick
Are you looking for something free... on all the various city lists on

well, here ya go, this website is pretty cool.
October 7, 2006 by jansen koehler on FRANCHISING
Der Franchise-Markt in Deutschland boomt.

Franchising funktioniert längst nicht nur bei Fastfood-Ketten: Existenzgründer, die mit einem seriösen Franchising-System den Sprung in die Selbstständigkeit wagen, können mit Zuversicht in ihre unternehmerische Zukunft blicken. Sorgfalt bei der Auswahl eines Franchise-Gebers ist enorm wichtig, ein guter Anhaltspunkt ist hier der Systemcheck des Deutschen Franchise Verbandes.

Unternehmer suchen Mitunternehmer, von Heimwerkermarkt Obi über...
September 8, 2006 by Techno_seo on Technoseo
The website online success depends upon the number of users visiting the website and using the products or services offered for their own needs, for a website to draw large visitors it should be visible in the top results of the search engine result pages.

Search engine optimization is the process which makes the website search engine friendly, Technoseo provides information on seo promotion services in the form of keyword research, content development, link building, ROI tracking and market...
August 8, 2006 by David Lyncheski on DaveLyn@Wincustomize
what happend?

i went to firefox and typed "javascipt guide", i know i spelled it wrong, in search place.

and this came up:
November 3, 2005 by joetheblow on JTB Development
Yahoo has made some purchases that many wondered why they were doing it. Many guesses... I am starting to see something in the works. Yahoo now has a rival map service that is like MSN and Google and they are pushing the use of their API's.

Yahoo bought and now guess what? There is a web 2.0 application merging Yahoo Maps beta, UpComing and Flash 8.0.

Here are some properties Yahoo bought:

October 14, 2005 by NightTrainthedark on NightTrain2002
October 6, 2005 by ItechDev on What can brown do for you?
Hi all,

I've been shopping around lately to see where i should place my client's based website with the intetion of promoting and also submitting the site to the main search engines.

Well, one thing that I have been running into at each Hosting provider is some type of proprietary promotion/marketing service each provider has that will take your site, assist in telling you just what key words to use to search bots index your page, and also the easy submission to multiple search e...
BlogMap is a newservice that allows you to pinpoint your location in the world andthen see who is blogging near you. After entering the URL for yourblog or RSS feed, you're asked to provide either the address orlongitude and latitude coordinates of the place from which you blog.BlogMap then gives youa piece of code that renders something like this:You can also use the service as a search engine to find localblogs by going to this page it is certai...
May 15, 2005 by woodsix on GRML Articles
Read general tips for organizing a web site to improve search engine visibility and avoid penalties.


Use different domain names.
Sometimes, a site is referenced by many different domain names. The .com, .net and .org versions, of a domain name, all point to the same website. This includes common mis-spellings or different keywords (sewing-tips and sewing-secrets are examples of possible combinations).


April 13, 2005 by Chef Garry on Chef Garry
LostGoogle is a neat helper object that works with Google to show a thumbnail view of the links.
April 12, 2005 by woodsix on GRML Articles
Anybody cheap is bad, ergo if it's way expensive it must be good? Not.

GRML Blogs

It's the same as any other consulting. If you had the expertise you wouldn't need the consultant. So what do you do when you hire a lawyer? You trust him.

GRML software
GRML intranet
GRML browsers

Upon what do you base that trust?

- professional references/referrals
- education (school calibre) and work history (CV or resume or bio)
- gut instinct and impressions from meetings
- opinions o...
Anybody take a look at Google-X?

I read about it on CNET

Here is a link to the cached page on Google (because they took it down... it looked too much like MAC OS task bar??)

By the way, does anyone know how to make a Object bar like tak bar on a webpage? The story said that they used DHTML and javascript (which I think is covered in DHTML) I would love to have that for my website.
March 15, 2005 by Hazylunarrain on Mike's Place
I'm passing out gmail invites. So if anyone wants one ask away.

That's the entry for Stardock. It's not just pretty dead on but it's startling accurate. In fact, I don't understand how they were able to make it this accurate. The amount of time and effort just for gathering this data must have been significant.

Really, pretty amazing.