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I heard the news about Michael Phelps being caught with a bong, saw the picture, didn't think about it too much but knew that for him, his life as he knows it will be over, for some time any way.

He has gotten caught in that spiral that will spin out of control just like it has for other star athletes who have gotten caught having too much fun., or in other words, getting high.  While I'm not a fan of getting high, I can understand why people do it.  Heck, I've drank a few and ...
Las Marathon, 2008.

Finish Time: 3:45:41, new PR.
Place: Overall 593/3525, Division 85, Sex 485.
Marathon #5, State #4 of 50.

Is been almost 6 week since I ran down the Vegas Strip, dressed as Elvis.  When I was looking for a winter marathon, Vegas was one of the first I came across. While I was perusing the races web site, I found that they were looking to brake the world record of the most Elvi to run a marathon. Well I figured if I was going to do Vegas I sh...
Detroit Marathon, 2008:
Finish Time: 3:46:49.
Overall Place: 999 – 3551

I am righting this over a month after the actual race, mostly because I just don't know what to say. It was my best race to date in just about every way. I wanted to write something clever, and give a detail brake down of the entire race, since I have done my best to complain about how all the others went.

But the strange thing is, now that I have had a near perfect marathon, I just don'...
November 6, 2008 by pankajspider on IIPM-World
So the time has come for the IPL to take off. As but expected, the ticket sales are pathetic. Or did you expect anything else? Well, when, for example, was the last time you went to watch an India-South Africa cricket match in a stadium? Looking blank?! There you go!! When was the last time you actually watched a Duleep Trophy match? Did you just exclaim, “Duleep Trophy what?!!?” All I can say is that if you haven’t been watching Duleep Trophy matches, then there is less likeli...

One year ago, I was writing almost the same blog as I am writing tonight.

Tomorrows morning I will be running my Second Detroit Freepress Marathon. This will not only be my second Detroit Marathon, it is my Second Marathon, this month. Two weeks ago I ran the Milwaukee Lakefront marathon, with a finish time of 3:49:56.  Tomorrow I will be running with a pace group for the first time, and shooting for another 3:50 marathon.  The only thing crazy about this race is...
Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon 2008.
Finish Time: 3:49:56, Pace 26.2 @ 8:46.

It took me a few days to decide just what to say about my experience at the 2008 Lakefront Marathon. What I would normally be my primary focus was my Time, which was a full 5 minutes ahead of my original goal of 3:55. This was great, and I am quite pleased. It feels food to be under 4 hours at last.

Perhaps more surprising was that setting a new Marathon P.R. was one of the least memorabl...
September 15, 2008 by mormegil on Time is the Fire in Which we Burn.
  Since I started running almost 3 years ago, I have run 2 full marathons, as well as 3 half-marathons. Yesterday I ran my 3rd full marathon, and set a new personal record of 3:54. The sad thing is it doesn't even count. My 1st marathon, L.A., March 2007, I trained very hard for, but had no idea what I was in for, and I burned myself out in the first 10 miles. I had a goal time of 3:30, but I finished with a time of 4:28. I was heartbroken, and it took me quite a while to be ready to try ...

I am thinking of moving my running blog, back to Joe User, but I need Nike+ Widgets to work on it.
So let us test it.
July 27, 2008 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
I took my wife to the gun range today to let her try her hand at my fairly new Taurus 9mm I use for concealed carry.  I believe this was her first time firing a handgun, and she didn’t do too bad for a beginner.

June 23, 2008 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
I have been paying on this for a little while now and was finally able to get it out.  This is a Taurus Millenium Pro 9mm.  It hold 12 rounds and has some really great safety measures such as a chambered round indicator, firing pin block, and the other usual safety features found on these type of firearms. 

This thing is really light, weighing in around 16oz. (unloaded).  Perfect for home defense and concealed carry. 

Hopefully I can make it...
May 16, 2008 by Scotteh on musingofamaasu
This blog may not apply to many JU users, as your based in America and as such probably not accustomed nor interested in what Soccer Holagnisim is, or what causes it. I'm writing this article mostly for references off site, so apologies if your not sure on the subject. Please feel free to ask questions if your interested on the matter but unsure on one or two things.

I was inspired to write this piece because of the troubles in the city of Manchester earlier this week, when Glasgow Rangers pl...
May 2, 2008 by SanChonino on The Suck!™
14 Apr 2008.  1:08pm.

I sit at the small table outside the little café, situated just south of the Great Pool in the Parque del Buen Retiro.  It's a beautiful day, the vast azure sky dotted by friendly, fluffy clouds, making their quiet pilgrimage across the countryside.  It's almost as though Madrid wants to say to me, 'Look!  I'm not so bad, after all!  Enjoy your last day here!'

A cool breeze blows by, rippling the face of the shallow pool, breaking up ...
February 21, 2008 by Sodaiho on JoeUser Forums
Good Morning All,


This morning I thought I would do a longish run, but instead Katie and I did a short warmup on a desert trail then we did hill repeats.  Hillwork is a staple for runners. I actually enjoy running up hills only to walk back down them.  For one thing, I can run more easily on the slope, and I get to take a break on each downhill.  The other thing is that the intensity is higher so the time on my feet is shorter.  With my balance issues, and toe dr...
February 20, 2008 by Sodaiho on JoeUser Forums
Good Morning All,


Today is an easy day.  I walked to synagogue this morning for morning prayers and a breakfast discussion group and then walked home.  A half mile round trip.  Yesterday I walked in the desert for one mile with Judy and the pups. And on Monday I did a 5.6 mile run. Tomorrow I will run about 8 miles. 


My wife bought me a new Garmin Forerunner 301 for my recent 61st birthday.  What a wonderful gift!  My old Garmin was on its ...
February 8, 2008 by KFC Kickin For Christ on Kickin For Christ
Did you hear the latest news about the upcoming Olympics in China? There seems to be alot of controversy surrounding this world wide event. My son, who is an assistant sports editor for a newsroom, said there is much coming over the news wires right now about this.

They may be canceling much of the Olympic activities due to pollution. All the endurance events may be canceled. Events such as running, biking and any outdoor activity would be squashed. He's wondering how Josh is going ...