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So, I heard about Impulse a mere few days ago-- I don't remember exactly what pulled me to the news item detailing the whole thing, probably a trip to peek at something Sins-related-- and became rather enamored of the whole concept and giddy for its success. So, thus, here I am.

It probably really starts earlier than that, though, way back when I first really got involved with Stardock's products. I'd read the GameSpy review of GalCiv2 and filed it away to check out when I got a chance(specif...
So here I am sitting in the airport. Luckily, I have a net connection.
May 21, 2008 by OckhamsRazor on Ock's World
I'm not going to say much about it.  the Internet has been a fascinating thing to me since I first started browsing using Lynx (text only) circa 1992 or 3.  There's a lot of rough to slog through for that diamond, but every now and then someone puts an inordinate amount of time into creating something totally preposterous.  So preposterous you just have to give a nod and a smile in their direction.


Just go check out this site and come back and giggle with me.  Th...
May 20, 2008 by Pixeleo on Pixeleo's Place
Who hasn't read Draginol's article [The existence of for-pay stuff doesn't hurt you] on WinCustomize? And having read it twice to grip the concept behind his thought, I must say that he's  reflected what is sadly a very common fault of a majority of the online crowd. How many of us don't download software, big or small, almost everyday, from the internet? And seeing that this means that more than three billion people downloading software daily, which has turned software compa...
May 18, 2008 by PokiMo on poki-mo
Greetings Impulse community!

     I'm Todd, AKA: Poki Mo, a self confessed n00b. That's right, I admit that I have no comprehension of "Impulse" and what it is all about... Well, that is not entirely true as I did read an article in "GameInformer" magazine (Issue 182, June 2008, Page 26, Title: A Better Way to Play). I was intrigued, so here I am. Hang with me as I undertake this endeavor of discovering the world of "Impulse". Not to mention blogging. Remember I'm a...
Life on the web means a whole bunch of user names. As soon as you submit a UN you begin to realize just how many people there are on the web when you have to add numbers to what you thought was very unique. I've registered a UN with at least three dozen forums but only actually use maybe half a dozen. You never know witch ones your going to be using frequently so most of time I don't think my choices through. Back in 1994 I registered with a form at MetaCreations for discussing their program Bry...
April 29, 2008 by spiritwhotalks on the spirit who talks

u sit at your computer
recently knighted
at the center of a vortex
of groceries, socialization, physicians, teachers
cops and cunt and cock and revolution and redemption
ready to poke your little head in all over

a reluctant revolutionary
aware the sewer system goes down and millions die

a buffalo soldier
in the war for america*

in your medicine bag:
as much tv as humanly possible
comics books concerts doobies dogs cd's dvd's dj's and cats  mothe...
April 23, 2008 by ZubaZ on zubaz
How many times have you been at your laptop complaining to yourself about how cramped the keyboard is.  Or at your desk, wishing you had more surface area to work on.  Or bothered by that girlfriend or boyfriend that wouldn't leave you alone.  Or just want to take skinning to the next level?

Designer Erik De Nijs has come to your rescue.

He has designed jeans that have a built in keyboard!

Along with the keyboard you have speakers and a mouse pocket.

So . .if you n...
April 12, 2008 by jebro on jebro
This is so very awesome! You must have headphones. Even better if you close your eyes while listening. A stunning sound.

As many of you know I have my own YouTube channel where I post videos from the military that most people will never get a chance to see because the mainstream media refuses to show any good news video from the war front.

So back in March of 2007 I started a YouTube channel and dedicated it to posting videos I thought that the general public and military families might find interesting, yet not otherwise be able to find or see. With the popularity of YouTube I thought it was the perfect inter...
Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Windows Live Spaces, the list goes on.  These are the sites that everyone has been going bananas over for the past year or so.  Tons of money have been poured into these systems, and a lot of ink has been spent philosophizing over what they mean for the future of technology and how they're the Brave New World of personal information sharing and management.

The Social Networking site is the media darling of 2007 the way Blogs were the "big thing" in 2004...
December 24, 2007 by HG_Eliminator on hg-eliminator
i been going to this site for years with my kids.. they track Santa in real time starting Christmas eve, in the east and traveling around the world by nightfall.. its fun for the kids and theres games etc to do too.. and it shows them how close the ol fella is to home... Enjoy ..

Santa Tracker
When I was fourteen, living in Philadelphia, I cam across my first ‘geek-national holiday’. I was walking through the Temple University campus and started noticing flyers posted everywhere that promoted ‘Wear Blue Jeans If You Gay’ day. I was fourteen. I had enough problems at school. I had a kid named Mark Ashton that beat the shit out of once a year. I could walk into school and know that that day would be the day. This went on from first grade up through high school. I made sure I didn’t wea...
Perhaps you have received an email that starts something like this...

"Greetings in Jesus' name, dear friend, I am the widow of Idi Amin."

Perhaps you receive several hundred of them on a regular basis. They are known as '419 Scams; , named after a section of the Nigerian penal code. In the email, someone will claim that they need your assistance in acquiring some large amount money that is held up in probate, etc. The catch is, they need some money from you in order to d...
February 28, 2007 by Crhisgeo on Lo Xtreme De Crht
Soy nuevo aquí y no se que puedo obtener a cambio de nuestras creaciones, talvez nos beneficiamos de alguna manera, por favor alguien conteste, o expliqueme, o solamente aportamos con nuestras ideas sin obtener nada a cambio, porque ellos si se benefician de nosotros, gracias...