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October 12, 2013 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
I'm just really curious about a tech issue. How in 2013 can a website with an unlimited budget and years of planning fail? It has to be by design imo. There isn't any way such incompetence is achievable, it has to be intentional. It must be because the exchanges are so incomplete and expensive that the website was designed broken as a method of delay.
September 25, 2013 by Draginol on Brad Wardell - Opinionated Techie
“People who say mean things should die in a fire!”
I so do love the Internet. I really do. 

Only on the Internet can “some guy” tell you how you should be doing a job that you have obviously succeeded at far beyond their wildest dreams.
May 9, 2013 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Anyone know how to fix this?


I get the following popup and it isn't clickable. It won't go away.





Driving me crazy!!!
April 5, 2013 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
I got a new modem, and now.........

April 2, 2013 by Phoon on phoon
A bit of information for you to aid in your troubleshooting (if needed).

ISSUE: Chrome Browser using either FVD Speed Dial, or Speed Dial 2 (perhaps more) your thumbnails become skewed and distorted upon refreshing them.


After having spent the last 2 days sobbing uncontrollably over my keyboard trying to find a solution for this problem I happened upon a thread somewhere that solved it.

Don't waste your time uninstalling apps, checking video drivers, etc. The problem is...
Eternal September refers to when the Internet became open to everyone to participate on (1993). Our communications capability has grown at an amazing rate since then. I marvel daily at all the things that are possible, just 20 years later, thanks to the Internet. At the same time, I cringe at the ugliness that the Internet has created in humans that was not previously possible.

There was a study, the link escapes me, that shows that the Internet allows like minded people to essentially isolat...
September 16, 2012 by Draginol on Brad Wardell - Opinionated Techie
Some of you may recall that I was going on an extended sabbatical after War of Magic shipped.

I still remain active online but as I detailed on Freakonomics, the long hours over many years had taken their toll and I was going to diversify what I spent my days doing.  What started out as a sabbatical after War of Magic evolved for the reasons I outlined on the podcast into a semi-retirement.

My libertarian friends have called it "Going Galt". But that's really not an accurate way t...
July 18, 2012 by sydneysiders on sydneysiders
July 18th marks the 20th anniversary of the first picture uploaded to the World Wide Web.

Pictures were sent via email on the internet previously, but this one was the first one uploaded to the Web that could be seen by all.

Wouldn't mind a cent for every photo that's been uploaded since.... think that would keep me happy....  

The group of ladies were lab employees who worked for CERN, a research lab in Geneva where major discoveries have been made, including the p...
April 1, 2012 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

You can’t imagine how proud I felt when I read that my old high school classmate Danny (now Danny, Ph.D.) made an amazing discovery after a lifetime of work

with penguins. Kind of amazing, really, because Danny always told me he hated cold weather, and New York City winters.




Anyway, Dr. Danny Ksepska has made the discovery of a lifetime. He’s found flying penguins that actually migrate.

He started his research as an underg...
February 24, 2012 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Privacy is an important concept. We all want it. We all make sacrifices to keep it, yet paradoxically also do things to compromise it. Ok up to here. However, when we make online purchases, join websites and other things, we expect these details to remain guarded and become angered when these sites, and our data are compromised.

Well, the Administration has a plan to generate standards for online privacy. This isn’t out of line imo. The Internet stretches across states, c...
February 15, 2012 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

One of the ways we become ‘commodities’ is by being tracked as we move from website to website. Anywhere you see those facebook and twitter icons you’re being tracked by those two at least.

Also, have you ever wondered why ads on websites seem to be uncannily directed at you? Well, it’s by tracking you and identifying you…

So, this is hardly news, but “DoNotTrackPlus” (DNT+) might be, for some. I had the extensions on my Chrome and Firef...
February 14, 2012 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

The U.S. Department of State and its embassy in Prague are sponsoring the contest to test ways social media and open source data can be used to track terrorists and locate missing children. Didn’t know the State Department looked for missing children… or terrorists, for that matter. I thought that was a local law enforcement function, and Interpol but certainly if an American child goes lost in a foreign country, they would be involved, so it could be a valuable tool&helli...
February 11, 2012 by DrJBHL on drjbhl

Our wonderful patriots, Anonymous are claiming having taken down the CIA website (probably using malware infested bot computers) most likely with DNS attacks. Worse, they stole the names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and Social Security numbers of some 46,000 people from the State of Alabama website.

Well, I suppose it was to be expected. Now Anonymous has made another terroristic threat. This time the would be champion of the downtrodden has issued poorly veil...
January 11, 2012 by Disturbedcomputer on Disturbedcomputer
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