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Update: 08/28/2016

July 25, 2016

I opened the OC Register at work this morning and almost skipped over the front page article "Zoltan, a presidential candidate for the future."

I've been talking up the "basic ...
I'm suddenly deluged with a flood of posts on my FaceBook page regarding anarcho-capitalism, a term that I still apply to myself - privately.  Publically, I am more likely to use anarcho-commonist.  My own redefinition has come about from two logically entwined realizations.

First, that Auguste Comte is fundamentally correct in one major sense:
That we each individually must own up to the fact that everything we own, every thing of value to us, is largely the product of ot...
This is the beginning of my long-awaited* extension of my popular earlier blog, which focussed on the concept of property as associated with physical things.  That blog was not intended to promote a particular version of property, although it has probably been taken that way by many readers.  I will try to maintain some degree of neutrality here, as well.  I certainly have my own opinions, positions and implicit agenda, but the standard to which I try to adhere is what suppor...
 A Solution – The Shorter Version

 Last update: 06/31/17


Reasons to support a basic income:

What is different, important and unique in my approach to the "Basic Income" proposal?

See the source above for the first mention - so far as I know - of the integration of social justice into the debate.  My version (below) focused almost exclusively on this as the main supportive theme.    ...
Notes on Property:  Phil Osborn  06/15/2013

(Originally presented at the Santa Ana Escualita.)

Note: this is hardly exhaustive of the subject, but I’m hoping it will provoke an ongoing discussion and some good ideas and understandings of the key elements of the various issues.

What this covers: 

A fairly detailed overview of property history and theory focusing mainly on “land” propertyA number of key examples of differing implementations of property ...
March 4, 2013 by Istari on tandis
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Found this video here:

Even being familiar with the stats, it was a really fascinating and well put together illustration of the massive level of inequality in wealth we have in the United States.

I have two fundamental criticisms with it.

First, knowledge isn’t understanding. That is, the author gives me the impression that he thinks wealth is “distributed” by some..entity. That somehow wealth is being divied up by some sort of directed intelligence and that we, a...