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February 19, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
This was still in my to-do list and was where I intended this series to go (never finished it) ... but never got to. I do not have any stunning solutions, just my simplistic view that if you STOP stepping on my foot, I would not feel obligated to kick you in the shin (and vice versa) ... and maybe civil discourse could result. I see now I was wrong … peace cannot be one-sided and you religious folk never offered me any peace at all. I have to assume it is of no import to you whatsoever as...
February 18, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
                Obviously this was a bad Idea.  Probably won’t be the last … but it has been educational, in a bad way. This series had nothing to do with religion at all, go figure. And since I am writing this, I don’t feel inclined to repeatedly tell you this is my opinion so just take it as a given. Since I do not have a Religious preference (and very specifically yours), it is impossible for me...
Just in case you have not seen this:

Two years ago, Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States.  

This is a partial chart on the impact his administration has had on the lives & pockets of Americans:

 January 2009


% chg


Avg. retail price/gallon gas in U.S.





Crude oil, European Brent (barrel)





Crude oil, West TX Inter. (barrel)

Good day,

I was lucky enough to get a chance to appear on our news talk radio station on Friday afternoon to guest speak on the some of the myths surrounding our vets. WSKY in North Central Florida. If you get a chance and want to learn about the facts surrounding our fine men and women of the military, try listening to this:

Be well and sleep safe tonight, because they are there.
February 11, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
When I write an article, I normally try to follow the theme (usually just the title) not always easy, but I try. I do not particularly care if you like my choice of words or the topics I choose, but you owe all of us here the courtesy of asking for clarification instead of lambasting me because you have decided what I was thinking. How in the world could you even guess my thoughts when you cannot understand what I am writing?

I am an Atheist (as I have stated) and as such, I am always fair ga...
February 11, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
I will say that I understand children need to be protected and nurtured and brainwashed (for lack of a better term), but what is dumped into their heads from birth is all they have to work with. They do not have the cognitive skills or the reasoning ability to question things and wouldn’t comprehend it if they could. Nor are they able to refuse or opt-out, so in their world the gospel, so to speak is whatever they have witnessed or been told. Just because the parents believe something to b...
February 9, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
From the beginning … The saying that “all people are created equal” could not be further from the truth (Thanks Jim). The only thing equal at birth is a complete lack of knowledge. Then the DNA does its work and like fingerprints, there is never another equal human being. If your parents are religious (Islam included), then they start brainwashing indoctrinating their children in THEIR dictated views, and for children resistance is futile. If one teaches their children to hate...
February 8, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
Cock fight in California results in the death of a Californian resident, one Jose Luis Ochoa. Apparently after a confrontation, the ‘war-bird’ stabbed him in the leg and he went … Tango Uniform. Seems PETA is more interested in high publicity scams than actual animal concerns. Let’s see, Vick went to prison (Leavenworth) for what, a year and a half or so. Did you know that Cock Fighting in California is just a misdemeanor? It is a felony to organize events but is one of ...
February 3, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
How big is a Trillion of … anything? "1" followed by 12 zeros (1,000,000,000,000) or for the more astute, 1012. Here are some amusements concerning one trillion of something’s ... To gain perspective:

1012 Seconds: =~16.7 billion minutes = ~277.8 million hours = ~11.6 million days = ~31.7 thousand years.1012 Dollars: If spent at $1/second = $60/minute = $3,600/hour = $86,400/day =~ $31.6 million /Year … for ~31.7 thousand years.1012 Dollar bills (6 in. long): Laid end...
January 30, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited
If there is any truth (doubtfully) about this cost cutting brouhaha bandwagon everyone is supposed to be on, then a very simple start would be NOT to increase the Debt Ceiling and actually force these megalomaniacs to cut SOMETHING! If we authorize more money, it will be spent and we will be fed more hogwash about the dire necessity to prevent us (them) from bankruptcy or other such gobbledygook; in other words … business as usual.

Look around this site and be amazed at our own stupidi...
January 5, 2011 by BoobzTwo on We the People - Revisited

      Local Talk Radio this morning (WOKV 106.5 FM) had a great story about another starving and misunderstood burglar practicing Obama’s State policy of spreading the wealth around. Upon entering the premises (a trailer), said miscreant was interrupted absconding the personal effects of the owner of a Pit Bull who took exception to the claim. Seemingly after a short communication, the idiot decided the DOG was right after all and made a hasty exit throug...
October 21, 2010 by rachelwilsonon on rachelwilsonon
near friends

But it is not near friends who are apt to wound, nor real sympathy which sharpens the worst of the needles. It is the fact that all your chance acquaintances feel called upon to bring their curious eyes and jarring words right into, the silence of your first astonishment; taking you in a round of morning calls with ski jacket kid gloves and parasol, and the liberty to turn your heart about and cut into it at pleasure. You may quiver at every touch, but there is no escape, because...
October 20, 2010 by CharlesCS on Chatterbox Charles
I’ve been accused many times of being a very negative person, always looking for the downside of things. I can’t deny this but I feel it’s always good to see the pro’s and the cons of ones actions before one takes them so that one is not surprised afterwards. In this case, I feel my negative sense over the upcoming 2010 elections is justified and I believe it should be plainly obvious to many if not all.

As many of you know I tend to lean Conservative in my political opinions and more often...
October 8, 2010 by Tracy Givens on JoeUser Forums
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October 8, 2010 by Tracy Givens on JoeUser Forums
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