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December 19, 2022 by Iben on Iben's blog site
“I don’t care about patents,” Musk told Leno. “Patents are for the weak.” In Musk’s opinion, patents are “generally used as a blocking technique”  that are designed to prevent others from innovating. Vivaldi Social powered by Mastodon is now built into Vivaldi browser. I think a cool name for a social media network would be Afterburner.   ...
July 23, 2022 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
A lot of people are still stuck in the clapping seal mindset of Democrats Vs Republicans, but in reality it is globalist elites from both parties and the corporate world seeking to end the freedom of Americans and make them slaves to a liberal world order, which is threatened mostly by China, Russia, and populist nationalist movements at home.
January 5, 2022 by BONEHEADdb on highpressure
OK I'll start
January 13, 2021 by Iben on Iben's blog site
In the "not a socialist country" you could apply for a job with great benefits and a possible retirement package. Here is a partial list of jobs that would give you a good chance of long term survival. SpaceX has government contracts and there are a host of other companies that have government contracts. Space Force. 1 United States Congress 2 Federal judiciary of the United States 2.1 Specialty courts 3 Executive Office of the President 3.1 White House Office 4 Uni...
This article pretty much describes how I'm feeling about the recent events concerning Trump and the rapid deplatforming going on. I'm not going to miss Trump.  But I am going to miss the days when people were able to talk to each other civilly even when they disagreed.
I found this article quite thought provoking. This past week we didn't just see the banning of Trump for "inciting violence" (despite said inciting is never included for people to judge for themselves).  Countless other people were banned and even groups like #walkaway on Facebook were banned. Regardless of your politics, this is nothing to celebrate.  I remember a time w...
When you vote in person, the trust-level of the result is high.   I fill out my ballot, I walk to a machine with a poll worker and I insert it in and my vote is cast. But with mail-in votes, especially ones where the ballot applications are mailed out, you have a bunch of vulnerable points in the process: You have the possibility of harvesting the applications.  Picture an operative going to a college dorm or a high density housing complex and going door to door to gather th...
November 11, 2019 by Iben on Iben's blog site
The boy who cried wolf. Adam Schiff's Red Bloodshot Eyes.
January 27, 2019 by Iben on Iben's blog site
The government form said I had to pick a clinic and a doctor, so I wasted my time researching clinics and doctors and picked them. When I got the card I found out the government picked a different clinic and doctor then I did. Here are some questions for Bernie. Do I have to smoke pot or can I smoke tobacco and can I afford to anymore? Can I drink a soda today and what size, diet or sugared? How many miles can I drive today? How about some fast food? Can I eat a steak? After eatin...
October 21, 2018 by Iben on Iben's blog site
Predict who will have the majority in the house and who will have the majority in the senate in Washington D.C. after the November election 2018. Who ever has the lowest reply number with both correct answers after the results are in wins. The grand prize is: You will be hailed the "great correct predictor". To guarantee a win just get the first reply and edit it after the results are in. Now remember no cheating.      
March 23, 2018 by Iben on Iben's blog site
US National Debt   1929 $ 17 billion --------------------Multiplier 2.35 --Herbert C. Hoover - Franklin D. Roosevelt 1939 $ 40 billion --------------------Multiplier 6.33 --Franklin D. Roosevelt - Harry S. Truman - World War 2 1949 $ 253 billion --------------------Multiplier 1.13 --Harry S. Truman - Dwight D. Eisenhower 1959 $ 285 billion --------------------Multiplier 1.24 --Dwight D. Eisenhower - John F. Kennedy - Lyndon B. Johnson 1969 $ 354 billion ----...
February 15, 2018 by Iben on Iben's blog site
FNC's Shep Smith: "We Are "Failing Our Children" Because We  Can't Figure Out Why They Are Killing Each Other"   Here is a hint. I am 54 this is how it was when I was in school. They set the trash can on fire two classes a day. Spit wads the size of baseballs made out of news paper. Punched in the back getting on the bus for no reason. Gum in the hair. Eggs on the chalk board when the teacher turned her back. Kids tee shirt said "flunk now beat the rush". ...
February 5, 2018 by drmiler on America Love it or Leave it.
See iffn ya'll can remember this...Moderate Man   The day was dawning bright and clear at Yosemite National park; the sun rose serenely over the treetops, the advancing day chasing away the shadows of night, still pooled in the misted valleys and in the deep woods. Suddenly, a flock of birds scattered at the sharp sound of the word "NNNNOOOOO!"   The sound cut through the stillness of the early morning like a laser through pudding, carrying for miles through the misty air; ...
January 12, 2018 by Iben on Iben's blog site
Why do people immigrate to the United States? Why do people move out of California?
December 15, 2017 by Iben on Iben's blog site
The problem with anything is trying to over control it. Progress waits for no one. No one has to force progress it will happen even if you try to prevent it. The climate will take care of it self, the human race will invent new technology and carbon pollution will decrease. The problem today is people are panicking and panic never works. Just get out of the way and progress will take care of any problem real or imagined. Progress waits for no one.