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June 13, 2010 by terpfan1980 on My world
We're not too far from Stephen Strasburg's second major league start.  The question is will he come close to matching his debut or will start number two show even a hint of mortality? Sadly, the Nationals are now looking to their young phenom to become a stopper as they've laid big, stinky, eggs in the last two games.  Hopefully Strasburg can get it done today.
June 12, 2010 by terpfan1980 on My world
So my favored team went out on the road to visit a team that they should have easily beaten, but of course they were instead beaten themselves.  Partly thanks to a former player of their own team who seems to be experiencing some sort of resurgence this season :/ I hate it when that happens! I should say that I do feel somewhat happy that the guy is reviving his career and apparently is getting heatlhy enough to play well this season, I just wish he wouldn't have his best days against...
June 8, 2010 by terpfan1980 on My world
Only a few more hours, but I will be there watching it all unfold. Now I just have to pray that the kid lives up to the hype.  Please.  Seriously.  Please.  
May 10, 2010 by jdkeepsmiling on American Life
Ernie Harwell, the "Voice of Summer" passed away last week. For any of my readers from the Detroit area, this was a monumental loss. Ernie had called games for the Tigers for over 40 years on the radio. Three generations of us had grown up listening to him tell us what city the person who caught the foul ball was from. He was, and will forever be a part of this city and state. When I was younger, we did not have cable TV, so there were not many opportunities to watch the Tigers on ...
May 4, 2010 by terpfan1980 on My world
Sorry to hear of the passing of Ernie Harwell today.  A class act and a voice that was baseball to many fans.  Goodbye Mr. Harwell.
February 7, 2009 by terpfan1980 on My world
The news of the last few days, that which says that Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroid use when he was playing for the Texas Rangers. I wish I could say it's unbelievable, but nothing about steroids and baseball surprises me any more.  Sadly, the game as I knew it back when I was much younger is long gone.  The days of magical numbers like '61' and '755' were left behind a long time ago, thanks to hulking steroid laden bodies on players such as Mark McGwir...
Starting Pitchers I believe it is time for the starting pitchers to form their own union in order to demand respect. Pitch counts should stop being the mantra for disallowing a pitcher from finishing a game which he obviously has under control. Further, he should be able to argue with the manager who is in the process of giving him the hook. The union should be titled the Dangerfield Union. 
  DH as we know it—"Old timers day every day"— should be done away, but managers in both leagues should be allowed one pinch hitter AB without having to remove the pitcher, or a slumping batter. To add to the strategy, such a designated pinch hitter forgoes this strategy except for traditional pinch hitting duty the next two games. The manager, however, is allowed this option in every game provided it is a different bench player. This compromise should make it acceptable ...
March 29, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world

Tonite was the first 'official' MLB game at the new Nationals Park in Washington D.C.

Nationals Park
Nationals Park

March 15, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world

Just about two weeks until another opening day and the return of optimism that will come with same.

February 28, 2008 by jdkeepsmiling on American Life
I know that the only baseball story that anyone out there seems to care about right now is the Roger Clemens thing. But, I, being a proud Detroiter, am more entranced by the amazing team that has been put together for my watching pleasure this year.  Letme go back a few years though, back when the Tigers were the worst teamin baseball. I was still a loyal fan, and went to 5 or 6 games a year,and even watched them on TV, as Bobby Higginson struck out and NateCornejo racked up a huge ERA's...
February 5, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world
Apparently Peter the Greed (Angelos) is continuing his cheap ways and leaving his MASN sports channel without high definition equipment for the coming year which means that viewers of the Nationals or the Orioles will be watching standard definition programming this season. Pop quiz - who are the only teams that will be broadcast in standard definition this season? Ooops, I seem to have given that information away in the opening paragraph there. It's not bad enough that Peter Angelos ha...
January 17, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world
MLB has given Bud Selig a 3-year contract extension.  God they must love incompetence in general {blink, blink} Aw, I should be more fair here.  I don't want to insult the incompetent among us but putting Selig into that category. {evil grin} 3 more years of potential labor problems, 3 more years of a lack of balance among teams.  Yeah, just what MLB needs {frown}
January 9, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world
My response to a recent article that raised the question: Who gives a crap about steroids in baseball? Let me try to hit this one out of the park for you.... Your son/brother/nephew/uncle/father is an up-and-coming ball player.  He is good.  Very good.  Good enough to get interest from professional teams, and get signed to go play in the minor leagues.  He seems like someone that could be headed to the major leagues and the big money, fortune, and fame of same.  Bu...
December 13, 2007 by terpfan1980 on My world
Were you on the list?  (borrowing and using a piece of a tag-line from last season's Heroes TV show for my own purposes here...) Heck, you might as well have been on the list, with the Mitchell Report naming some 70+ names, and talking about the decades of performance enhancing drugs that have permeated Major League Baseball over the last 20 years (give or take). It really is a sad state of affairs.  Fans (such as me) ate up the record chases until we started realizing that we we...