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November 4, 2016 by admiralWillyWilber on michaelwhittaker71
Technically we wouldn't be able to see a hole in space, or even so dense of matter no light can be reflected. Or can we Hawkins radiation. Can we prove this other than theory. Don't know. Other than infared light there is no other light coming from a black hole.

As a deffinition a black hole is a type of dead star that cannot emit light other than infared after it's pulsar dies out. A dark star which is a prelude to a black hole is a star so dense that cannot emit light. If a dark...
First even though they said it wasn't likely, U can't figure why a rogue planet couldn't be covered in dry ice considering this happens on a much warmer mars. Assuming it was ejected from an early solar system. It would still has it water that wasn't evaporated in the late heavy bombardment. Through out gassing a lot of carbon dioxide gets released ie venus, or even earth. Now because of it being so cold all of the carbon would dioxide come back on the planet as snow or ice. Crea...
October 22, 2010 by survivalstory on survivalstory
Scientists have discovered the existence of beating stars that echoe sounds like that of hammers. They also found that these stars give a kind of waves that create holes in everything they come across, even on the earth. Thus, they gave these stars two names; the first is that of a cosmic hammer for its hammer sound-like and the second name is that of the piercing star. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:


"By the heaven and  the knocker. And what will make you to know wha...
We were headed back from a family outing last evening when my son pointed out something strange in the sky.  Because of the crazy drivers around me I didn't noticed until he asked me what that peculiar markings and bright fire-like trails were in the sky.  We looked up at the sky and sure enough, there goes the Shuttle Challenger!

I reminded them that the Shuttle was supposed to lift off today but I had forgotten about it, and I hadn't realised that it would be so late in the ...
The great writer and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison wrote once that "White skin notwithstanding, Clinton is our first black president. Blacker than any actual person could ever be elected in our childrens' lifetime". With this kind of endorsement, it is hard to fathom the fact that his wife hasd dropped to single digits as far as Arican-American vote is concerned.

The real reason for this fall is not hard to find. The highly negative campaign she ran against Obama made many believe that she...
February 20, 2008 by MasonM on Who's life is it anyway?
Scientists at the University of Sydney have calculated that our galaxy is twice as thick at it's center as previously thought. Until now it was commonly thought that the galaxy is about 6,000 light years thick. The calculations of these scientists, using data easily obtained from the internet, find that's it's actually about 12,000 light years thick.


Almost! It has been reported that a US spy satellite has fallen (and can't get up again-corny pun intended!) and is hurtling towards Earth! Link

The rogue satellite will probably hit Earth sometime in February or March! The report said that the satellite has lost power and propulsion and can not longer be controlled by the very people who put it out in space!

So, they don't know where it's going to land, that means it can land anywhere, even in your back yard! They don't know wh...
We noticed how really bright the Moon was earlier tonight, (last night). It was so bright we could see pretty clearly with our naked eyes (no telescope, though I wish we had one!) what appeared to be Mars! My son told me it is going to be even brighter tomorrow night (tonight).

I did a search on the Internet and found the following link which gave great details! Tomorrow day and night will be extra special! At 6am and 6pm! Check out the link!

October 8, 2007 by OckhamsRazor on Ock's World
As a child, I sat in stunned silence in front of the television as Neal Armstrong set foot on the only non-terrestrial object man has ever visited; the Moon. Later, in my teen years, I would walk down the street to an open area (our home was surrounded with pine trees) to lay on the ground and look up at the stars.

It is my love of the universe that prompted me to contact an organization that encourages our children to look up. And not just to look up, but to encourage those that might be s...
If you're a Trekkie, hope I spelt that right, I'm obviously not one or I would know how to spell the word, you will know who Scotty is. Or at least if you were a big fan of the Star Trek series, like I was, you do know who was Chief Engineer, Montgomery Scott.

Actor James Doohan died in 2005 (it seems like only "yesterday"!) and some of his cremains were deposited into a tube and placed into a rocket, along with other people's cremains; I think the article said a total of about 200 cremains...
April 28, 2007 by SanChonino on The Suck!™
April 25, 2007 by Poison5 on Poisonous?
This was a most interesting video to watch, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

October 7, 2006 by pratibhawarale on Pranali
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September 29, 2006 by OckhamsRazor on Ock's World
In Napoli, Italy, garbage is burned. And aside from the smoke that puts into the air, it is common for sand to blow up into the air from Africa, travel over here, and rain dirt on to our cars. Suffice it to say that the atmosphere is less than spectacular here. They say that just living in Napoli is like smoking a half pack of cigarettes a day.

Last week we had a lot of rain, and I look forward to that because it serves to clear the air.

I have this little porch like place that's out ...
February 10, 2006 by XX on XX's mixed blog
Apparently, it wasn't enough to try to suppress evolution with anti-science of creationism. George Deutsch tried to use the same tactics with Big Bang, one of more proved space-related theory.

What's wrong with this picture? Advanced science is what is keeping America ahead of other counties.

There is one precedent I know of: Stalin of Russian. He had a offhand comment that genetics wasn't important. Russian got behind on medicine and genetics that took them decades to catch up. They hav...