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Nova : "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial"

Watch it. Total smackdown of creationism/intelligent design with heaps of evidence.  It's a beautiful thing when logic prevails.

This special addresses the conflict between evolution and intelligent design/creationism (They're the same thing)  in Dover, Pa. and the lawsuit that went along with it: Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District

Evolution theory holds up again.  150 years and still going strong.

Here's a link...
My professor, David Lindquist,(in case there are any copyright issues here) emailed this to me today, so I thought I'd share with anyone out there who likes tomatoes.

Tips on Growing Large Productive Tomato Plants

1. Obtain an indeterminate variety tomato plant such as “Better Boy” or “Brandywine”. Determinate or bush varieties such as “Roma” or “Celebrity” are unsuitable since they produce only one crop of tomatoes and then stop. For really big plants, consider growing indeterminate...
September 23, 2006 by Xythe on The Mouth of Xythe
According to Science News, even when in the same body; the sexes battle for dominance:

When two of these small, speckled sea worms meet to mate, there's no taking turns. Each worm, 2 to 6 centimeters long, wields its pair of side-by-side penises like a weapon. One worm tries to fertilize the other by ejaculating anywhere on its partner's body, splashing it with sperm in a cocktail that dissolves flesh. After the brew eats a hole through the skin, the sperm work their way through various tissu...
Yeah, sure, I know that Demos are supposed to be a buncha wimpy Republican wannabees. However, with this group - you might be really SURPRISED! Members of the Patrick Henry group include a lot of the major Green Party people and other local activists, mostly KPFK fans. This time, they are going to have a real star performer on tap. Greg Benford is both a noted physicist and a top-ranked sf writer. He is also a professor of physics at UCI. AND, he was on the two big federally sponsored panels ...
Primetopic of the day: Scientists at the University of Dublin have found a way to break down styrofoam, the bane of recyclers/composters everywhere. This could be a great step towards sustainability, but it does require the styrofoam to be heated first." Unfortunately, eating the styrofoam causes the bacteria to shit lead. Dublin University continues to develope and inspire new innovations which may lead to healing the planet. Mankind has destroyed it's mother and now like an obident son must ma...
November 14, 2005 by orbitJUICE on OrbitJuice :: The Joy Of Text
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It never ceases to amaze me how blinded some people are by their religion.  They seem to be completely unaware of how their religion has biased them taking a more open-minded approach to scientific research.

Let me give you a tale of two theories.

Evolution is a theory that stipulates a set of principles on how life on earth changes (evolves) over time.  It has a great deal of documented evidence to support it.  However, because evolution contradicts the bible, many religiou...
What exactly is evolution? Evolution is a theory. It is not a hypothesis.  A theory is a set of scientific principles that is supported by observable facts. A hypothesis, by contrast, is a statement not backed up by facts. 

The theory of evolution is as follows:

Fact #1: Random mutations occur in nature.

Fact #2: Mutations tend to be passed onto off-spring.

Fact #3: If one organism is genetically different enough from another organism then they will not be able to reproduc...
August 11, 2005 by relswick on Blog home for Rich Elswick
Funny how Star Wars used the Clone Wars in Episode II used Clones for fighting a war and here we are in 2005 and a mouse, dog and sheep have now been successfully cloned!

What next? Well, unlike the Star Wars clone development, where the clones come out of the factory at an adult age, our clones have to follow the normal age progression from birth - youth - adult - elderly - death.

So, the next time there is a prolonged World War, will some nation start their own little Cloning program to...
Ok, so we've got this information packet called a virus. It inserts itself into the DNA of a cell and uses the cellular machinery to make lots and lots of copies of itself.

But, suppose there already is another virus in the cell, doing the same. Things can get confused real easily, which is apparently how these new flu strains move from duck to pig to human. It isn't generally a simple mutation by the original virus, but rather a mix-up of genes from another virus already adapted to the ...
May 10, 2005 by Paul Bourne on paul-bourne
A historical comparative perspective of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its impact on the Jamaican adolescents.

By Jamar Davis and Paul Bourne B.Sc. (Hons.), Dip. Edu


In Jamaica, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has unleashed its influence over the general populace. This happening has eliminated many peoples of the productive sectors. Despite the many social marketing campaign that have been aired on local media, the issue of HIV/AIDS has seemingly not reached the ...