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Ok I'm starting a fundraiser to be the world's first 100 billionare if you want to help please pm me. This would be a true rags to riches story.
April 21, 2016 by admiralWillyWilber on michaelwhittaker71
You know when you thought it was over, and you are sane again it keeps coming back even decades later.
October 28, 2010 by ensonli1987 on ensonli1987
Louis Vuitton introduced the new autumn and winter there, as always, look forward and surprise us, this fine imprint Qiu Dongkuan technology used, the main light Mature line, will be concentrated in the attractive interest rates fall classic in an elegant package type, no matter handbag, wallet or bag, are permeated with the beautiful autumn atmosphere, people fascinated.
August 5, 2010 by OnTiptoe on ontiptoe
Another blogger, terpfan1980, recently wrote a blog comment called "Just STOP already!" about the Duggar family and how it was recently reported that they would be open to having baby number 20, if they were so blessed.  After reading one comment to that post, I wanted to comment. I wrote my comment but could not post on the article because of "auth" restrictions.  So, here's my "two cents" on the subject.

This comment brings to mind a certain saying attributed to American Indian tr...
April 6, 2010 by Leauki on The Leauki Empire
Of course it's no secret but I enjoy very much thinking outside the physical.  I believe the physical is just a visible picture of the spiritual.  For every physical reality we have a spiritual counterpart.  I also believe the spiritual is much more important than the tangible or what is often called the temporal.  Life is just a vapor and then we move on to something eternal.  Too many times we are content on dealing with the physical while we ignore the spiritual altho...
December 29, 2009 by ryventura on ryanven
My buddy Brandon and his wife recently bought their first home.  we decided to throw them a house warming party and the some of the gifts that my friends got him were more pathetic than the Detroit Lions.

Of course I saw a few of the traditional house warming gift baskets that you would expect from the ladies in the group but there were also some pretty hilarious gifts too.  One of my favorites was a tacky western shower curtain from Ed that had horses, cowboys, indians and every ot...
December 27, 2009 by ryventura on ryanven
Yesterday I went with my wife trying to find a place to buy tasers of all things.  We've had a few houses in our neighborhood get robbed over the last few weeks so I thought it migh be smart to find a way to protect ourselves if the need ever arose.  After trying a few of the obvious places we began noticing a lot of signs for new homes in Cincinnati along every corner we passed.  I wonder how much the people make who put those signs out eve...
December 14, 2009 by Cowgalutah on cow
Would it be strange of me to explaine why it is that I have started a new blog? Or do the millions of people out there already know that at some point anonymity becomes more important than anything else?

I have longed for a place that I can write free from the shackels of public knowlage of who I am or what I do. I want to write what I want, and not what I think my friends and family want to read. This is my new home, and my mask, and it will remain for as I think that I have this ...
November 4, 2009 by ryventura on ryanven
I walked in this morning and threw off my work clothes so I could jump in the shower quickly before heading out to shop for my daughters birthday.  She is four years old and the love of my life but her wish does not send me to the most manly stores.  She really wanted a princess shower curtain and I was thinking where in the heck am I going to find one of those.  I spent a few hours searching around the mall and Toys R Us before finding one at a specialty toy store in the vil...
October 2, 2009 by judah528 on judah528
In a new telephone survey by the lovely people at the Rasmussen Report says that 75% of Americans think that Americans are getting ruder. I wish this surprised me, but it didn't. I think all of us have first hand experience with this truth. Even the people you expect people to be the kindest like hospital nurses or teachers have developed dispositions that have made them ruder than ever.

We live in a world where people are more concerned about their sheepskin boots and armani suits than the p...
September 7, 2009 by HappyMichelle on happymichelle
The truth about money and happinessIt is an oft repeated axiom that money cannot buy happiness. While this is certainly true, poverty will not buy Happiness either. Some people become very wealthy, yet struggle to enjoy their lives. On the other hand, others manage to go through life with very few money problems simply because they are able to make the most of what they have.

Ideally you should try to combine both prosperity and Happiness. To do this I recommend the following steps:1. Learn t...
August 31, 2009 by judah528 on judah528
In the past year there have been a couple of stories about people being kidnapped and hidden for, not months, but decades. This blows my mind. I can't imagine leaving the world you against your will and not being able to enter back into it for almost two decades. People who do things like this blow my mind, I'll never understand.
August 19, 2009 by judah528 on judah528
Mark Driscoll has plenty of insight for men. I encourage you to browse around his sermons and listen to some of the ones dealing directly with men.
August 13, 2009 by judah528 on judah528
Every generation gets a chance to change the world
Pity the nation that won't listen to your boys and girls
'Cos the sweetest melody is the one we haven't heard
Is it true the perfect love drives out all fear?

U2's song crazy tonight makes a great point. Every generation has a chance to change the world. When I first heard Bono sing these words I was really convicted and challenged. I started to think about what my generation would be known for. Would it be our obsession with Baggalini ...