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June 12, 2009 by iker21 on JoeUser Forums
Inside Amateur Science: The Best in Out-of-Lab Research


EXPERTISE : Before serving as an officer in the U.S. Air Force for seven years, Verhage received his bachelor degree in physics from California State University. He has years of experience building circuit boards, robots, rovers and a variety of vehicles that fly. One of his main focuses is building rockets and launching them into near space—they reach altitudes in excess of 100,000 feet.

PROJECTS : Verhage is currentl...
May 29, 2008 by jeep1688 on jeep1688
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There is a civilized system of commerce and currency.Players in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures bargain for goods and services using pieces of gold, silver, copper and tin as their median of trade. As p...
I got my Jag back today. It was in the shop while I was on vacation to have the horse power upgrades along with a K40 integrated radar detection/laser jammer put in.

The dealership, Jaguar of Novi, has told me that that it should be roughly 100 horse power faster.  I expect to put that to the test soon but in the meantime, I'm pretty skeptical.

What they did was change the exhaust to the Remus exhaust. It adds 20 horse power at the flywheel (12 at the wheel).

Then they upgraded th...
March 30, 2005 by JakeC on Log of the '!'
Well, here we go. I've been meaning to write this up for some time, but now the car has been chipped so I figure now is a good a time as any. This is basically going to be my impressions on the various things I've done to my car. I spent many hours searching the internet for opinions on things, so I figured I would give back and post what my thoughts were on my mods. First you should know a few things. I purchased this '03 SilverStone 1.8t GTI for a few reasons. Mostly I wanted a car with ...