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November 27, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
Looks like Dems are circling the wagons around Senator grope, Al "Fish Lips" Franken. Of course the will act morally superior and pretend they still have the right to speak out against creepy Republicans while retaining the right to protect and preserve creepy Democrats. If not for double standards there would be none.
March 29, 2017 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
Over time, liberals in tie dye shirts listening to Greatful Dead at Woodstock have given way to people in black masks and hoods carrying mace and attacking police officers. The American left have transformed into something totally new and impossible to be classified as "liberal". The best evidence of this new movement comes with the recent post from Ivanka celebrating one year since the birth of her son, uploading an innocent and seemingly beautiful picture of the moment. Immediately, the so-cal...
January 31, 2016 by BONEHEADdb on highpressure
Any of you Democrats on the Bernie sanders wagon? I am. It would tickle me pink if Bernie got the Democrat nod. It would be good for the nation and the world. What do you think, Bernie or Hagzilla?
June 17, 2012 by amandabanoub on apple2
The Macintosh continues to be the system preferred by the majority of computer users. Yet why do people prefer Mac? Exactly what does a Macintosh have that various other computer systems don't possess? You have to obtain a Mac computer to learn an answer personally. Let us go over the imperative characteristics of macintosh personal computers which make it a fine option for system operators world wide. We're going to also cover certain key issues that a macintosh computer user might deal...
October 31, 2010 by PranayGupte on Pranay Gupte Blog
By Pranay Gupte

(Published in The Hindu, India, November 1, 2010)


I’ve met several American presidents during my long journalistic career, but I never met John Fitzgerald Kennedy, one of my political heroes. I was a schoolboy in Bombay – now Mumbai – when he was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963. I was younger still when Kennedy was elected in 1960 as the 35th president of the United States. He was 46 years old, the first Roman Catholic president of th...
October 22, 2010 by CharlesCS on Chatterbox Charles
I’ll make these questions simple so that there is no confusion here. I’ll be creating individual articles for each question to avoid confusing comments.

Hypothetically speaking, say the Democrats were to retain control of both Houses after November 2 2010 and the Republicans were more or less in the same powerless position they are today. Let’s also say that 2 years from now, say today, October 21st 2012 The Obama Administration together with the Democrat controlled House and Senate failed ...
I think we must  be just plain stupid.  I'm talking about my husband and I.  We just never seem to be on the receiving end anytime.  We've been married 28 years plus and never ever seem to do things right. 

We've worked hard going without many times in our marriage because we couldn't afford to take the plunge doing the extra things.  Our vacations, homes and expenditures have all been conservative and usually around the kids. We're debt free only ...
June 21, 2010 by Anthony R on Comrade TonyR
Well this is interesting. An 'Impeach Obama' Dem in TX has won the Democratic primary and her website calls upon fellow Democrats to 'stop Obama's fascism.' This Texas Democrat has also depicted Obama and Reid as Hitler. Very, very strange. Looks like Obama has lost some of his herd. 

April 23, 2010 by Leauki on The Leauki Empire
Shmulik's First Law of Modern Liberalism

Any non-Scandinavian foreign politician supported by liberals will sooner or later turn out to be a homophobic crazy person.


Case in point:

Bolivian President Evo Morales was under fire on Wednesday for suggesting that eating hormone-injected chicken could provoke male deviance at a global climate change summit.

Bolivia's opposition and homosexual groups criticized comments made by Morales at the first "people's conference" on climat...
From now on I have a new definition for March Madness and it does not include a basketball. 

But it does include a score never to be forgotten.



March 10, 2010 by Leauki on The Leauki Empire
I find myself agreeing with liberal positions a lot.

I also find myself disagreeing with liberals a lot, usually because I still agree with liberal positions when those positions are not used as material against conservative positions.

Often I find myself agreeing with a liberal position but disagreeing with the rationalisation.

For example, I support a socialised healthcare system although I prefer a split system where the necessary is provided by tax-funded public hospitals with waiti...
January 4, 2010 by kevinyan1107 on kevinyan1107
380  We are also studying the possible varying of this form of attack, viz.,  acoustic mines and supersonic mines. Thirty ardent experts are pursuing  these possibilities, but I am not yet able to say that they have found a cure.  It is well to ponder this side of the naval war. In the event a significant proportion of our  whole war effort had to be devoted to combating the mine. A vast output of material and  money was diverted from other tasks, and many thousand ...
December 30, 2009 by KFC Kickin For Christ on Kickin For Christ
How many remember Ray Stevens?  Have you seen his latest song on Obama Care?  It's spreading like wildfire!  I especially like the part to Nancy Pelosi on doing the hokey pokey. 


Check it out!
Recently I've been studying at length Israel's  ancient history during the times of the Kings.  More specifically I'm reading about the four kings in the prophet Isaiah's lifetime. 

I couldn't help but draw some comparisons to what's happening in our country today.  Not for the better I might add.  The King's success or failure was directly related to their relationship with God.  Israel suffered or prospered as a result of the current King's actions.  ...
October 1, 2009 by Leauki on The Leauki Empire
"Name some of Obama's legislative accomplishments."