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No matter your political beliefs, you've just witnessed something incredible.  For the first time since the country's birth a person that isn't some white guy is president...or will be in a couple months.

It's kind of weird living a historical event.  We did that with September 11, but this time it isn't steeped in tragedy.  (Unless you're being a melodramatic Republican)

Other than that, not much to's midnight, I'm tired.


September 21, 2008 by Bahu Virupaksha on Statecraft and Wordcraft
Philip Bobbit, a scholar with an unfortunate name, is a leading American interpreter of the changing patterns of interstate behavior, post 9/11. He is a nephew of Lyndon B Johnson and holds a doctorate both in History and Constitutional law, and if there is anyone eminently qualified to write about statecraft in the modern world it is this scholar.

I had come across quite a few references to the book, The Shield of Achilles:War, Peace and the Course of History and decided to order the book th...
September 11, 2008 by Moderateman on Ramblings of A Twisted Mind
Today is September 11Th, not a single article about the horror of Seven years ago.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.

3000 Dead Innocent people,



like it never happened.


What does it take?
August 14, 2008 by Nequa on myuser
My Grandfather served in the Korean war and recived the bronze star. I am trying to find anything about what he did their. Does anybody know a web site or anything else I could use to find info about him?
I've believed for some time now that secularism is being taught in our school systems and most have no idea what this really means. People are led to believe they can always trust the schoolbooks their children are using.   Where are we heading with this?  Why are parents homeschooling in droves today? 

What is being taught in history today nowhere resembles what I or my mom or grandmother were taught as children.  A whole generation of children ar...
There's a lot of things to admire about the past.

Sure, it was a time of less attractive people, where ugliness was a deadly virtue and fun was a practice popularly frowned upon, but there are some things it did well.

Bloodymindedness coupled with wilful ignorance - the secret to many a successful relationship - was always a great strength of those days of yore. When the beforetimers did things, they did them for no discernible good reason and without a hint of planning, much like one woul...
Continuing on with an overview of Israel's history starting with President Harry Truman after WWII.

Many years before Harry Truman would become President he owned a clothing store in Missouri.  It just so happened his partner was Jewish.  His name was  Edward Jacobson.  Providence?  I think so.  Just this fact alone made a pivital impact on the Jewish State of Israel today. 

It was post WWII and the UN was about to vote on whether to grant Palestine a Jew...
Barack Obama's


speech on race and racism has quite honestly triggered an avalanche of interest in the whole issue of slavery. I recently bought Marcus Rediker's The Slave Ship: A Human History and having read this wonderful book would like to share my thoughts with the bloggers on this site.

Dr Rediker is currently the Professor of History at the University of Pittsburg and has taken his Ph D from the University of Pennslyvania. He is a noted maritime historian and has an ear...
After studying Israel's history for years I have to say I believe, if nothing else, their survival is the greatest single testament to the bible being what it claims to be.  The word of God filtered thru the eyes and ears of man is truly an inspired document.  

If any people group was destined to die out, surely the Jews, who were the most persecuted of all men,nearly killed off many times, would be the people group to put your money on for not making it.

But they did. ...
Everyone is watching the Middle East as we should.  What's going on in the Middle East and how does it affect our future?  I was thinking about this as I listened to a very articulate and knowledgeable Jewish Christian speak about these things this morning.  He just got back from Jerusalem where he took four busloads of Christians to see the land where Christ walked.  He goes twice a year and I'm thinking I'd like to go on the next trip.  What we are seein...
Many know and recognize Charles Dawin's book, "Origin of Species" written in 1859 that brought the whole Evolutionary Science to the forefront.  But how many know the real title of the book?  Do you recognize this? 

 On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,

How many know this?  This was the original title.  How many know that Darwin was not only a Racist but also believed women...
February 14, 2008 by Cedarbird on Musings of a College Student
I'm in History 1700. Gen Ed history. We're studying about The Era of Good Feelings all the way to 1850 right now. I have a test tomorrow on it, in fact. And as I was reading about the election of 1828, it got me to thinking. Mudslinging has been around since 1824 in American elections, and we've almost always pulled through. So, here's the deal: At least these aren't our choices.

John Quincy Adams portrayed Andrew Jackson as and adulterer. Why? Because when he married his wife, on a ...
December 7, 2007 by danielost on My first blog
what posionous plant has become one of the most used food plant around the world.

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Imagine for a momentwhat it feels liketo have heart shaped razorsdancing a tango through your stomach.Does it hurt?Not nearly as much as it should.Let's continue.Now think of a hopeno a regretsame thing so it doesn't matter-don't hurt yourself.Calmly set them both-or none-ablaze.Don’t bother calling the Stoutsville Fire Departmentit’s far too late now.Think of the bright side, friend!Now you have a book endalthough it doesn't serve much purposewe can look at it together.So what do you say?Next w...
In 1857, exactly 150 years ago, soldiers of the then Bengal Army rose in rebellion against the English rukers of India. Historians have been debating the outbreak of 1857 ever since. However on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the Mutiny several tourists from England, particularly the great great grand son of General Havelock and other members of the familires of the descendents of the Engish officers who faught against the Indian troops, wanted to pay homage to their ancesors at their gra...