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July 14, 2008 by lotta on lotta
Hi! my CursorFX have worked OK untill today!

Then all of a sudden all my Cursors come with a red x, when I highlight them. And when I try to apply any of them I get an error coming up.

It says "Could not find Unzip32.dll" And it have wprked just fine before thi´s!

Can anyone understand what just happend? ( 

April 11, 2008 by KiLlAxKeV92288 on New BootSkin User :)
hmm i made some bootskins for vista and got rejected reason doesnt work on do bootskins not work on vista period or do i need to do something different then with xp??
And so another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has come to a close. What a show it was too. I think I'm ready to sleep for a week!

Here are some of the highlights...In Pictures!

Yahoo showed off their Windows Vista specific version of Yahoo Instant Messenger. 
PowerUser.TV's Kristin Hatcher outside the Microsoft partner tent looks very interesting. You basically go on and can ask questions and see (hope) that someone has an answer. Similarly, you can also...
Mary Jo Foley knows Microsoft.  She's been covering them for the past decade.  Blogger Robert Scoble and his wife sit down and interview Mary Jo Foley. Check it out, definitely worth the watch.

Never let it be said that Bill Gates doesn't know his stuff.  Today at CES I had the opportunity to speak to him on a variety of issues.  His technical knowledge impressed the onlookers as he expertly detailed the transition from 32-bit computing to 64-bit computing and made the distinction between the bit-ness of the computing and the number of bits in addressing.

As some may recall, last year I talked about how users were quickly coming up against the 4 gigabyte limit in Windows X...
I'm here at CES, and even though I'm suffering from a severe case of sensory overload I have managed to stuff a few facts into my brain.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch a presentation by Jared Anderson, Microsoft's PowerPoint Project Manager, who gave us a run down on the new stuff in PowerPoint 2007.

I'm not going to focus on the changes in the user interface as that has been discussed in other forums, but rather on the new functionality that PowerPoint 2007 offers. I am not a ...
Ah Las Vegas. Land of gambling and honeymoons.  At least, the latter I assume is what explains the noise coming from the room next door (or there's a lot of torture going on).

I got my CES pass without a problem.  I am a rare breed. I'm a software developer, Microsoft MVP, Featured Community Leader and a journalist all at the same time.  Having gone to these shows now as a software developer and a member of the press now, I can honestly say -- better to be press.  Lots of ...
Here at the Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft has been kind enough to take us and a number of administrators of Featured Communities around to a series of labs helping get us a sneak peek at Windows Vista.

As an encore, Microsoft got us a bunch of VIP passes to Bill Gates' keynote address very close to the front row.  Alas, Las Vegas traffic conspired against the shuttle that we were all in and the seats were opened to others and we lost them.  But just when we thought we were go...
As Microsoft just announced, one of the first Ultimate Extras (extra features users of Windows Vista Ultimate can download) is a new animated wallpaper feature called "Windows DreamScene".

Windows DreamScene at a glance:A Windows Vista Ultimate Extra Run High-Definition Video as a Wallppaer Uses .MPEG/.WMV as content So what exactly is Windows DreamScene? And what are the extensions and enhancements coming out for it?

Windows DreamScene is an animated wallpaper technology developed by...
AMD/ATI are showing off their latest goodies for Windows Vista along with their plans for a "true" Quadcore.

Intel's Quadcore is basically two DualCores taped together into a single chip.  AMD is working on a quadcore where each core is truly independent and has a single large shared cache.

They also talked a lot about OCUR which will become publicly announced in its final form in a few hours.
One of the demos Microsoft had for us was to show us wher they're going with

The part that got interesting for me was that they're putting together tools to make it easier for on-line communities to create 3D models for buildings in their area.

While Google Maps does let certain places be showin in 3D, what Microsoft is doing seems to be the next level -- open it up and try it yourself.

Meetiing with the Microsoft Live team today. It's been very interesting.

Microsoft has a very cool little tool on that is still in beta. But it will make it easy for people using Live Instant Messenger to find the location of their various contacts and help organize a get together or whatever. You can try it out here:

Most of what they mentioned is under NDA but they are doing a lot of cool mapping stuff. They also wanted to remind ...
Fun with USB flash drives

One of the neat demos Microsoft gave was how easy it is in Windows Vista to share a network connection. If you have a net connection, you can plug in a USB key and you can turn it into a quasi-wireless share device. Then hand it over to other people and once they plug in that USB key, the auto-run on it will set up the network connection automatically.

You could imagine how easy that would make getting a LAN game going or something. You could share connections und...
Got to meet with Bill Gates today and had the opportunity to ask him several questions with regards to Windows today, tomorrow, and Microsoft's goals for Windows.

I'm under NDA until 7pm PST so check back then for the stuff!
The ants in Las Vegas are addicted to Advil. That's the only explanation I have for how, at the hotel here, that armies of ants came crawling out of the wall, streamed right up to my bottle of Advil and went inside of it.  They have a problem. They won't admit it. But they do.  You haven't lived until you've seen the inside of a bottle of Advil 1/4th full with piles of ants.  Damn bugs.

Having been using the "gold" version of Windows Vista for a few weeks, I am pleased to annou...