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Next week Demigod will begin its third epoch. Part of that will likely include the availability of Oculus.

Each epoch means the zeroing out of the stats. You keep your Favor points but everything else resets. You can still access your epoch 1 and epoch 2 stats on the pantheon but it’s a great way for people to start with a clean slate online.

I’ve been playing Oculus online.  I have some suggestions on him but he’s a serious damage dealer to grunts though.
The community.

Seriously. While you may find jerks online in Demigod, all in all, it’s a great group.
Stardock and Gas Powered Games are pleased to announce that Demigod v1.2 is now available for download.  The new version includes months worth of improvements based on player feedback and adds a new Demigod to the mix – the Demon Assassin.

Demigod is a real-time strategy game that combines action and role playing elements. In the game, the player takes on the role of a demigod, a single powerful being whose goal is to ascend into the pantheon of the god. The demigod does this by ea...
Each year, like most companies, Stardock puts together an internal business plan that sets up goals, objectives, and challenges that the company must address.

Part of our internal business plan includes analysis of the state of the products/services we make as well as the results of our customer survey.

Last year, we made this report available to the public and based on the positive response we got for doing so, we’re doing the same again this year.

View: Stardock 20...
So today we’re playing a lot of Demigod v1.2.  There’s always that “release or not release” question hanging in the air.

Today, there’s 2 “show stoppers” still left. The Torch Bearer’s Ring of fire doesn’t go away (which would make Torch Bearer users happy but not the rest of us) and the other is that choosing a random Demigod will randomly let you play one of the two new Demigods.  That second one is obviously not a show stopper from the player’s point of view but we really do ne...
We’ve been reading feedback and play testing for the past couple of weeks. Here are some quick questions about the upcoming update.

1. We have removed the new favor items based on player feedback. Going forward, the effort will be to make the existing favor items more equally powerful but in different ways.

2. Horn of Battle has been changed to provide 50 health per second to minions for 20 seconds.

3. We will have a sample mod to hand out for people to get the hang of making mods...

Demigod v1.20 (1.20.140 on Impulse)

- Added new AI options
- Added mod manager (everyone must have the same mods)
- Added options to enable additional Demigods as the update rolls out
- Fixes a serious desync that could potentially resolve a number of problem cases in MP.
- Fixed TB’s ability to attack while moving in Fire Mode.
- Additional optimizations for MP on "laggy" connections. Please no...
We’ve got the build staged and we’ve been playing it like madmen. But we’re not quite ready to send this out into the wild, especially on a Thursday with the weekend coming up.

Did have a good game tonight. I was Erebus and my partner was the Demon Assassin and the other side was an Oak with another demon assassin. It played well enough and some of the new item changes were very welcome.

Lots of moving parts in this update so we want to just do more run-throughs.

That said, I wil...
Demigod v1.2 has passed what we call our tech QA and is now in consumer QA (i.e. compatibility and such).

Here’s a partial list of what’s in this build:

Notable Bug Fixes:

· Fixes a serious desync that could potentially resolve a number of problem cases in MP.

Citadel Upgrades

Graveyard Citadel Upgrade: Increased bonus from 10/20/40% to 15/30/50%Favor Item Changes:

Samm-El’s Cloak: Buffed cap from 25% to 15%Dark Crimson Vial: Reduced cast time from 2 to...
Last week we spent time beta testing the new Demigods internally.

We couldn’t have released them externally even if we wanted because all the IT resources were consumed by the Impulse release of Dragon Age: Origins (a totally awesome game btw). Despite some sensationalist EA-bashing I read online, the launch of the game was pretty smooth outside some hicups with the free DLC that EA gave away which had been resolved within 24 hours.

If you ever wondered what a Baldur’s Gate – in spir...
Big thinks to Pacov for putting this together.


Q: Demigod has been out 6 months. What would you say are it’s biggest strengths at this point?

A: The game mechanics are extremely good.  I would say it is the strategy game to beat when it comes to setting up a weekend LAN game with friends. Any other game I’d want to play would take hours of explaining the ins and outs to friends to get them to be remotely competitive.  In Demigod, you can get people together quick...
We’re not trying to torture anyone with these sneak peeks. 

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been playing with new builds of Demigod sent over from developer Gas Powered Games.

Now, since I work at Stardock, the publisher, I’m biased. I make no bones about it. But as the designer and one of the developers of Galactic Civilizations and the forthcoming Elemental, I do have some perspective on the work GPG is doing with these demigods.

As someone who is biased a bit towards q...
Status report:

Tomorrow we expect to send out an email to those of you who have signed up for Ready to Play.  Once we have that, we plan in the next week or so to begin sending out invitations to people (it won’t be everyone, sorry, but we want to “beta” these guys before we unleash them on everyone) to people via Ready to Play.

In the meantime, here’s a quickie video of me playing the Demon Assassin.  


If you find YouTube too slow, I have it up on my...
The two new Demigods are getting close finally. And we’re very excited to start playing with them.  Since we’re going to want to do some “play testing” to nail down the balance before they end up being foisted out on everyone, we’ll be releasing an update to Demigod in the next couple of weeks that will allow us to add these new ones to a person’s Demigod account.  They’ll be able to play it online in regular games with others and we’ll ...
As some may recall, back in August we decided that v1.2 was going to be a much bigger project than originally believed and thus would be released in parts.

Those parts included (but were not limited to):

Replays New AI options In-lobby stats Balance tweaks Modding Various bug fixes Since then, the replays have been added, there’s been various balance tweaks, various bug fixes and today the in-lobby stats have been added.

That still leaves quite a bit of work le...