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March 5, 2012 by Neilo on A sprinkle of bullshit!
I like my bookmarks well organized, but one set of bookmarks that do not organize well are some of the SD sites, more specifically, their forums sites, since they lack favicons for them.
I use eight SD sites regularly, but of those eight only four of them have favicons for their forum pages, which leaves me with four default icons for SD forums sites, and no clear way to tell which is which. (other than i have memorized the order)

GalCiv2, SINS, PoliticalMachine and joeuser all lack the favi...
February 25, 2012 by Neilo on A sprinkle of bullshit!
I was browsing some of the new skins and came across a real beauty that i want to add to favorites, as a reminder for me to download later when i was on my PC. I clicked Add to Favorites and was presented with an odd message about personal sites, i figured this was because i wasn't logged in.

Once home tried again and was presented with the same error.

Does Add to Favorites not work anymore? Or am i being supremely dumb and missing something.

Thanks guys.

Hey everyone! Tomorrow we'll be pushing an update to the Stardock Forums that will require us to take them down for a short period. The update will happen around 10AM EST and may be down for up to an hour. The forums will be inaccessible during that time.

What's new?

Design refresh for the Forums. Other sites' forums have no changes (or very minor changes).Minor update to the editor, primarily focused on bug fixes.Various minor bug fixes.Major changes to the back-e...
February 7, 2012 by neone6 on mantra
What´s up ??

The Wincustomize site has been acting REALLY weird a couple of days now... It isn´t loading properly, or is S  L O W  as hell.....

It didnt load at all from my cell/mobile and that has never happened before.

At first I thought it was something on my Pc and cleaned it and the works, but then I saw it was happening on Kittys too.....

-Updating the site or something ??
December 15, 2011 by BigDogBigFeet on BDBF's Pound
I can't make comments in the libraries.  No smileys either.  Comments won't submit.  Using IE 9.
December 13, 2011 by 2of3 on 2of3
More and more people are using their android device or iphone to access online content. Perhaps it would be in wincustomize's interest to consider developing a mobile web version of the site.

Apparently irrelevant.
November 18, 2011 by Fuzzy Logic on fuzzylogic
I seem to be having problems accessing the forum via Firefox 8. About 80% of the time clicking on the forum tab causes FF to stop responding.

This is only on the WC forum, no other website does this, including other Stardock websites such as SOaSE.

While I've been typing this (in IE) I've been trying again - 5 times = 5 'not responding' messages - make that a 100% failrate!



This gobbledygook is probably of no use, but I'll post it anyway:-

October 11, 2011 by Uvah on Uvah's Work Shop
Started today. I'm getting this error code saying the site is unavailable when I log in and sometimes when I'm already logged in. Click to change the page and there it is. Twice I had to go to the forums first then log in. 
October 1, 2011 by 2of3 on 2of3
How is it that a post that gets locked due to spamming continues to get spammed? How does he/she/it have access while I and other (respectable) members do not?

I was going to give an example but the post got nuked


But still, the question remains.
September 29, 2011 by neophil78 on neophil78
I renewed my Wincustomize subscription on, 08/31/11 (which was ending in fact on 09/23/11) and since a few days each time i connect to Wincustomize it's all over adverts (specially Flash ones and a lot of webbbugs) and it's really ugly (and slowing down web pages) - not forums part, but galleries and so parts

I thought until now Wincustomize Subscribers should get Wincustomize WITHOUT adverts ...


What's going on (or is it still my account which has troubles ??)

July 1, 2011 by neone6 on mantra
Here it is, your face out on WC forums. Hope you like it  Andrew/neone6

And the wc forum size 100 x 100 pxl.

If you have problems SHOUT !  Hope you like it Andrew/neone6
June 29, 2011 by neone6 on mantra
I wonder how you get a link 2 show just as the word "link" in blue... And what if I submit, say a WB and want 2 "Link" 2 the wall and vice versa...How should I know where 2 link & where they will wind up before they´re Moderated ? (Still bit stupid on some thingz)
June 28, 2011 by Mumblefratz on mumblefratz
This just started happening. It only happens on my old PC that's running XP Home and only while running IE8. FF is Ok on my old machine and IE8 is OK on my newer PC (which is running XP Pro 32bit).

I keep both machines updated and this has only been happinging for a couple of weeks. Prior to this I had no issue even on the old machine running IE8.

It's really not a big deal since I just ignore the message and click through to the website with no ill effects but I did...
June 25, 2011 by windoe on windoe
Hello everyone

the issue I noticed rather concerns the site than the forum.

I noticed several times that the popular skin/skinner list on the right of the page don't update correctly.

For example, today, I don't find my new WB in the "popular skin yesterday" although it has been downloaded 542 times.

This score should have placed this skin in 4th position of the daily list.

To finally find it at the right place, I had to select in "explore filters/most popular/yesterday/ti...
June 15, 2011 by pacov on pacov
So, I made a few posts today at work and I was surprised to see no comments after some time - usually I'm gibbering back and forth with someone anyway.  It seems that some sort of new segmentation is now happening with posts (at least for me). 

Take a look at this post:

Now look at it again through

In the past, I could view the forums through either of those links.  Instead, now its...