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Is there a problem with the Forums? I can login to WC no problem, but when I click on the 'Forums' button, it takes me to an odd looking forums screen and asks for my login info again.  Never used to do that. I type in my creds and get a 'server not found' error with an error from ABP saying there was a cross scripting problem.  Then I have to select 'reload problem script' to get to the forums.
September 2, 2016 by Daiwa on daiwa
For several months now, randomly, when I click on the 'go to last reply' icon next to the 'last reply' user's name in the Last Reply Info column (Recent Posts or My Replies) there is no such reply with that user's name.

Just FYI for Admins
March 29, 2016 by Philocthetes on notmyblog

I don't know how long my hiatus was (I missed the chance to be a GalCiv3 Founder), but I'm quite sucked into that game. Doing some typing related to the beta 1.7 made me start looking around at stuff and I have to forum functionality questions:

1) If the Forum Issues board deliberately not available at or am I just failing to read the screens properly?

2) Is there now a policy that locks threads after a period of inactivity? I hit My Posts and saw all my o...
June 10, 2015 by MottiKhan on mottikhan
I'm automatically auto-subscribed to any reply I make, even though I have that feature deselected in my profile.

Evidently, it works for some people as indicated in the following thread...


Also, if I try to navigate to the Forums Issues area (this area) from the GalCiv3 site, it says "Forums Go Boom".  I can navigate here from the GalCiv2 forums though.
November 20, 2014 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Guys, lately I have intermittently not been getting an input box popup when giving karma in the forums. Sometimes it pops up at the top of the page, you have to scroll up to see it, sometimes no popup at all. IE 11, no addons. 


Windows 8.1 64 bit.
October 28, 2014 by Philly0381 on Citizen
I just noticed that the quoting function is broken in the forums.  I'm using IE 11 with Windows 7 64bit. 
August 19, 2014 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Can't quote in forums, and I am being subscribed to any thread I reply to.


Windows 7 64 bit IE11.

April 13, 2014 by BigDogBigFeet on BDBF's Pound
I've had ongoing problems with commenting on skins.  I think I know maybe why.

When using Internet Explorer 11 I run in Protected Mode with Tracking Protection.  I also run it in compatibility mode and most of the site works except commenting on skins.

I have also used Firefox version 28 with AdBlock.  Firefox used to always work but now I have to turnoff AdBlock not only for WinCustomize but all linked sites.  Otherwise your script for Skins Comments fails to load ...
February 3, 2014 by GigaByte69 on gigabyte69
Visiting this site might harm your computer!This website is potentially malicious, dangerous, or unwanted (i.e., objectionable)  VIPRE Search Guard has blocked this potentially harmful content from displaying.

 If you feel this page was incorrectly blocked please visit our Blocked Website page and submit the URL for review.

Close and go back Continue to site (not recommended)



That site is not in our block list. When I try to hit the site, my browser...
December 10, 2013 by LizMarr on tervuren
Just today I was trying to look for a particular gadget and the pictures won't load. Not the ones on the side, or the ones in the grid. The forums load fine, as seems to any photo/graphic within them. Just the pictures of the things in the gallery itself. I suppose that there is a cache to dump someplace, but I don't know which. I've never had to do that before.

FF 25
November 11, 2013 by NitroX infinity on NitroX infinity's Blog
Sad to say, I'm accustomed to forums behaving differently. Maybe I don't visit enough different forums, maybe Stardock is just being quirky. My main experience comes from the GalCiv2 forums and more recently the GalCiv3 forums so I'll use the latter one as an example.


- Recent posts: I'm on the GalCiv3 forum, why am I seeing posts from other forums? I replied in a StarControl topic, thinking it was a GalCiv3 topic. If I want to see StarControl topics, I'll go to ...
October 24, 2013 by admiralWillyWilber on michaelwhittaker71
Is there a way to delete some of my old posts or at least keep them from showing up on my lists of posts because if no one answer them there is no point in having them
October 17, 2013 by MottiKhan on mottikhan
Karma isn't showing up when given on a Galactic Civilizations III post.  For instance, I and someone else gave this person karma.

However, the karma number shows only the one given at the person's profile.  The two karma given from the Galactic Civilizations III forum aren't included on his karma number.

This is not the same issue that was reported earlier.  I didn't see any errors when giving karma.

October 16, 2013 by LightStar on LightStar Technologies
Did a fresh install of Firefox the other day, v24, and now when I click "Mark all posts as read" on the forums, the page goes to the top, but it does not mark thel posts as read. It works in IE, but not in Firefox. Anyone else having this issue?
May 14, 2013 by BONEHEADdb on highpressure
I would send a PM but I don't know who to contact so I'll just throw it out here in front of everyone. Maybe they will see it. Heck, my name should raise a red flag with at least one of them.

So here's the deal. I uploaded a skin(cursor)yesterday and now it's on the home page(new skin)and it's on my page but it's not on my skins list and it's not in the CursorFX gallery. I don't remember checking the box for "show on my page only" but ya never know.