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Overall, we’re pretty happy with how Elemental: Fallen Enchantress turned out. It’s sold pretty well and it’s looking like it’s going to end up with an average review score of about 4 out of 5.

Obviously, there’s always room to improve. And that’s where Legendary Heroes comes in.  This expansion pack is a top-to-bottom revisit of Fallen Enchantress. We’ll have a full change list up soon (and it’s many pages long) but here are some of the highlights told in screenshot form.

The goal is to have the Legendary Heroes beta out this week.  It’s been held back mostly because we’re having trouble with the self-shadowing.

Shadows are a pain in the butt.  In Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, more engineering hours were spent on the self-shadowing than anything else. But ya gotta do it. It’s one of those uncanny valley things.

Game Geeking

Derek (Kael) and I have been going over various UI elements, particularly regarding the behavior of selected un...
Hi everyone!

Here is a lengthy play through of Legendary Heroes. Note that this is pre-beta and there will be a lot of improvements, especially visually, between now and release.

Memory is remembered

Last week we discussed that we really wanted Legendary Heroes to support 32-bit for the new "Huge" size maps but the current FE/LH builds couldn't do it.  So I agreed to spend the weekend going through the code to see what I could optimize.

I'm pleased to say that enough optimization was done that LH users will be able to play on the new huge maps. But if you play it on a 32-bit machine, it'll pop up a warning since it's going to be v...
Last month a lot of time was spent on Fallen Enchantress v1.3.  We also used that time to do a lot of play-testing of Legendary Heroes.  The more we play, the more we think players are going to like it. 


We are going to delay the beta one more week. We were planning on having it come out next Thursday. But after talking to the marketing team, it was decided that the question of 32-bit support needed to be answered by the time pre-orders start.  That is, will...
We’re working on Fallen Enchantress 1.3 which has a lot of nice balancing updates that we think you’ll like. We also improved performance, fixed a save game corruption crash and just generally integrated some great ideas from the forums.

Since the screenshots we have up are…well…you know…horrible…here are some from a pre-release of 1.3:

One of the new features is a pretty big change that you’ll notice almost immediately. Procedural tile yield generation.  Basically, it means...
February 4, 2013 by Derek Paxton on kael


What is Legendary Heroes?

It's an expansion for Fallen Enchantress that adds the following:

1. A new Champion progression system.  Instead of random traits your champions have a trait tree that they can use to select traits as they level  up, grow your champions the way you want.2. The ability to recruit special non-human champions.  Champions aren't just humans anymore.  Rare opportunities or quests may unlock champions of various monster ra...
I must confess, I wasn’t expecting one of the best reviews of Fallen Enchantress to come from PC Gamer let alone Tom Francis.  Which isn’t to say I don’t think he’s a good reviewer, he is.  But PC Gamer’s Tom Francis was the avatar for those who were deeply disappointed in our first attempt at creating a fantasy strategy game back in 2010 (that game, Elemental: War of Magic).

Deep down, I had hoped PC Gamer would assign Tom to review Fallen Enchantress. I thought it would be inapp...
After we complete upcoming expansion pack for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress (which we expect to announce NEXT WEEK) we have to do some hard thinking.  Specifically, what do we do next? After some trials and tribulations we’ve put together what is, in effect, a Master of Magic style engine (and before someone flips out, I’m not saying FE is just like MOM, I am saying that at this stage, our *game engine* is finally capable of actually making that game which is obviously was not capable of in...
Here’s a weird thing.  Stardock turns 20 this year.  That’s 20 years since I incorporated it back when I was in college.  My mom was the one pushing me. She was afraid I’d get sued by someone. I told her that was crazy. No one would ever sue us.  Cough.

I was playing FTL and if you don’t already have this game, you really should get it.  It’s a reminder that a great game can be made by just a handful of people.  It serves as a great exhibit for our internal gam...
(Map I made where my character starts out in the middle of an abandoned village)   For those of you who are taking full advantage of the map editor, here is a list of hot keys to help make it easier to make maps.

    {'C',    ...
Q: What is the Map Pack?

A: It is a collection of pre-made maps and random map stamps.

Q: Does it help with randomly generated maps?

A: Yes, it includes a host of new stamps that make the random maps richer as well.

Q: What’s special about the pre-made maps over a randomly generated map?

A: With pre-made maps, we can do things that the random map generator can’t.

Q: Like what?

A: For example, it includes the Anthys map which is over 5X bigger than the norma...
As Fallen Enchantress rushes towards the 100,000 unit sold mark, we are hard at work on v1.1.  We are hoping to have it ready before Christmas but I don’t want to make any promises.

The main changes in v1.1 will be memory and AI related. There are lots of bug fixes in the pipeline too such as ones that help with modding and just plain good old fashioned bugs that slipped by.

People have been asking whether Fallen Enchantress is “selling well”.  It’s a hard...
Have a great day everyone!  We are thankful for many things and among them is how grateful we are to be able to hang out and talk to you guys (and gals) on a regular basis.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Very soon we plan to release the very first Map Pack for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress.  In addition to a new hand crafted map for every map size along with new stamps to spice up random map generation, it also includes the full Anthys map. A gigantic map that contains the entire known world of Elemental (at least, as of ~150 AC).