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January 10, 2009 by kristen725 on kristen

Who knew that another BW actually existed. B&W creates top of the line speakers and stereo equipment fit for kings. Jaguar adopted its nothing but the best policy and I was first to fit snug in its driver seat. Going to the movies has lost its audio touch now that I have experienced the Jag Cinema:)


Defying all things your mother said, this chair encourages all things good... that my good gaming friends includes this thrown for a gaming king. With bu...

I’m a big fan of Canon’s products. Their Canon Image Press C1 is an awesome high end printer. Their printer products overall are just great, I love their digital cameras and video cameras. So here’s a quick video tour of their booth.

January 10, 2009 by Alexandra on Alexandra

Today was the last day of the funniest place on Earth... aside from Disney World. It was so fun to check out all the cool new things that CES has to offer. Here are some quick snapshots of our last day:

The Boss Man 

Me and Brad posing. We're auditioning to be booth babes. Getting excited to see what wonderful treats today's journey's will bring.

The Electric Car

This was probably one of the coolest things we saw the whole time. I'm really in to the thought of ...
Couldn’t get to CES this year? No problem. Here’s a quick tour of Microsoft’s booth.


I got to see Dawn of War 2 in action. I predict DOW2 will be up there for strategy game of the year (right up there with Demigod).


Bushnell and Acuweather have been teaming up for a bit to provide a rather cool gadget that you just keep in your home and it displays the current weather conditions as well as what is on the way. This build here won’t be out for a few more weeks. I think I might have to pick one up.



A scene from the show.



Demo of Windows 7. Some of the UI niceties are very impressive. I don’t think the Superbar, however, is quite as good as they seem to think it is. I do like the jump lists though a lot. Windows 7 is shaping up to be the best version of Windows by far.




I love living in the near future. Now that’s a soda dispenser.



A few people emailed and asked for more information on Hitachi’s super resolution. Basically, this is a feature that looks like it will become standard on Hitachi TVs starting in 2010. The effect on picture quality is tremendous. It’s really obvious on lower definition video but even HD video looks a lot better with it (especially cable broadcasts which have a lot of compression in them).



This “Ultra High” definition gives us a preview of the future. I saw two trends with TVs this year. One, everyone is now touting 240hz refresh rates for TVs. Last year it was 120hz which is a massive improvement in image quality IMO over 60hz.  The 240hz is…better but I wouldn’t pay a premium for it.



Lorex is a name I’m going to keep in mind. They have cameras with WiFi in them which you can remotely monitor things and view them on the computer.

January 9, 2009 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
There has been quite a bit of news on the Windows Home Server front this week at CES 2009 in Las Vegas.  HP, Acer, and other companies have announced new Home Servers, and more news is expected.

Read a roundup of Home Server news at

January 9, 2009 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Palm, which many have written off since the introduction of the iPhone, dropped a bomb yesterday at CES with the announcement of a new device called ‘Pre’.  It’s creating quite a buzz at CES, and both the hardware and software aspects are very sharp.


January 9, 2009 by Alexandra on Alexandra

I have to admit that CES is pretty cool. There is so much to look at and see that it's hard to pick out the coolest parts. So here goes my shot at the title for the first day at CES:



Talk about sweet! There were so many awesome car accessories to go with these amazing cars I couldn't believe it. The one on the left is definitely my favorite. I'm thinking about asking Brad for a raise...

M & M


January 9, 2009 by kristen725 on kristen



You would think with a crowd so big, the president elect was around... Have no fear, it is amazing the amount of power that half dressed cheer squad possess. While cutting edge technology is in abundance, I will give you one guess at something that is not... my type:)


While their enthusiasm was admirable, I highly doubt that was driving force behind the mounds men, cameras in hand, waiting to catch a glimpse at the "finest technologies". Looks like Casio did their CES homework... Shaking up quite a exhibit. (Sorry the pic is so distant, my elbows don't pack a large punch)



Some what comparable in size to the small Fisher Price microphone-speaker combo I once owned proudly, now I can print my digital photos. Something more productive to share with family and friends than my not so God-given talent... This small Canon Printer is a little nugget of photo goodness.


The power packed munchkin can deliver quality photos in an instant with keeping my pocket book hefty. The "SelphyES3" is as adorable as its name. With unique features like silver borders and fun creative software, it makes my Martha Stewart heart pitter pat with joy. Not to mention the money and patience it saves me on not going to develop at a store.

So what are some of the cool things at CES that you wouldn’t normally hear about or see unless you were here.  Well, that’s what this blog is for.



Kristen and I visited the Blackberry booth. They came up with a new Curve but it’s only on AT&T and no 3G. No Verizon yet.




LG has a watch phone that is extremely cool. I’m not sure how cool it would be to wear a phone on your hand all the time but still.  Unfortunately, it’s Europe and Asia only. 

January 8, 2009 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Microsoft released a new iPhone application, along with apps for several other phones, and a new service called ‘Microsoft Apps’.  It uses a 2D color barcode system which can be displayed on just about anything, that when used with the Tag application, will send you right to the website of the barcode without the need to type URL’s.


It’s no secret that I sometimes…exceed the speed limit.

My radar detector of choice is the Escort 9500i with GPS in it.  I recently replaced my Valentine V1 with it (the V1 is awesome too, but not quite as good as the new Escort).

WOW! There is so much cool stuff here I don’t even know where to begin.


January 8, 2009 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Sony gave CES attendees a look at the new ‘Lifestyle PC’ in the Vaio P series.  These are "a new line of high-performance, ultra-portable notebooks that fuses Sony's eye-catching design and mobility."

Read the full story at Betanews.

Link: Sony's big news: the Vaio P 'Lifestyle PC'