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March 2, 2011 by CharlesCS on Chatterbox Charles
So I was listening to a recent episode of one of my favorite podcast, (I highly recommend this site and their podcast) and they shared a very interesting website. This website,, allows people who have found or purchased cameras with photos in them to post some of the pictures with the hopes the owners of the camera might happen to see them and be able to get the camera back or at least the pictures.

I checked the site out and although the concept of the s...
September 16, 2010 by kirahjin on momoworld
If you've lost Windows password and don't have a password reset disk at hand, you need to reset forgotten Windows password with the help of Windows password recovery tool. But there are various windows password recovery tools, so sometimes it is hard for you to choose a good one among them. Here I list 6 best Windows password recovery software for your choice. Both freeware and shareware are available.


1.OphcrackOphcrack is an open source Windows password recovery tool based on rain...
May 7, 2010 by miamidesign03 on miamidesign03
Miami Web Designs and other popular web designers have created love search engine to give people a chance to find true love or companion if true love is very ideal. The web designers of Miami Web Designs created these kinds of websites to give solution to the increasing demand of this kind of service. Finding love in the internet has been commonly used right now. Web designers of Miami Web Designs are just giving people what they are looking for. They act as a helping hand to find what you...
October 14, 2009 by zadiel on ZADIEL or something
I was going to download the Wolfenstein demo from Fileshack, and to get the higher 750 KB/s download cap you need to register (it's only 500 KB/s for unregistered users). Fileshack has been around for years and has a good reputation, so I had no problem signing up for 250 KB/s more bandwidth. I'm actually pretty sure I had a Fileshack account years ago, I just forgot the username/password.

Anyway, as I'm there I see the download for the Dragon Age Origins Character Creator, and I was interest...
October 14, 2009 by wnx_decoy on Project Nation
In a pretty odd chain of events I stumbled upon a jewel of the cyber world. It's simply called, "DailyMile" and it's like Facebook for runners/cyclists/swimmers. In fact, as most sites do these days, it's very compatible with Facebook.

To explain how that's a good thing let's start a few steps back and look more into an introduction of DailyMile.

If you've ever been outside at five in the morning when the only other creatures you can hear (let alone see) are crickets and a few eager birds ...
September 18, 2009 by CharlesCS on Chatterbox Charles
Those of you hanging around long enough know that is part of Stardocks many web pages including, and our favorite,

Some of you may have noticed the cool videos Stardock puts out showing off their newest software such as Windowblinds 7, Tweak 7 and others. Ever wish you could make some videos of your own desktop yourself? While there are some pretty neat software's out there that can do the job, I found a site that records this kind of v...
August 18, 2009 by puremobile on JoeUser Forums

Over the years, Pure Mobile has become a top place to find cellular phone accessories on the internet. The reasons are not difficult to understand. To start with, we have one of the largest collections of cellular phones and cellular phone accessories in the world – our inventory is bigger than most inventories and comparable with the top ones’. But we do not think that is the only reason contributing to our popularity, we attribute it to the following factors.Availability ...
July 1, 2009 by lairdy86 on lairdy86
February 5, 2009 by burene on derty
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January 12, 2009 by momijiki on Procrastinatrix Extraordinaire
I am in desperate need of help.


I am trying to make a site where there is an AP Dive tags

I want to have a mouse over link on an image.  I can do the mapping and linking, but to get the image to stay in one spot needs a AP Div tag.  I can do this, but the problem is that if the AP div tag doesn't take it's position in relationship to the container it is in, but the edge of the page.  If someone slides their browser window smaller or larger, the rest of the page wil...
January 2, 2009 by mrboo on wrestling2k
If you want free domains the best and the only place to visit is . I have tried it myself and I just got a domain in less than 8 days time, thats incredible speed.

The system works automatically and there is no need to  request for domain anywhere in the forum.

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Its also a place where you can share and gain knowledge on various aspects of do...
YouTube’s non-existent customer service.Did you know that the largest video hosting service on the internet, does not have any customer service!?! That’s right, I could not believe it either. On YouTube they rely on the “community” to monitor the contents of the videos on YouTube. They have a function known as “Flagging” a video that you feel violates one of the “community guidelines” or that you feel is in some way inappropriate. If you and enough...
October 27, 2008 by DigitusImpudicus on Big Bag of SCHPAA!
I'm old enough that I never really got the whole "My Space" thing.  It seemed kind of juvenile to me.  It seemed like the only time it showed up in the news is when some pervert used it to lure some naive teen to run away with them.  Social networking?  Please spare me!  I'm a busy man!  When I want to talk to someone I just do it.  So when our company decided to create Facebook profiles to give us a company presence on Facebook, I looked at it as strictly busi...
September 14, 2008 by putradi on putradi's blog
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September 4, 2008 by rudhran on Dr.Rudhran on some topics
well, i have been a lazy joe here. but i am active at