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October 12, 2010 by sViz on Project: DesktopX

Thumbnails of the most recent uploads to the hilighted gallery in that currently empty white space on the hover menus.  *nods* That would be awesome.


Yay or nay?
October 9, 2010 by HG_Eliminator on hg-eliminator
Ive noticed that when browsing skins when I click on an authors name it takes me to their profile page, but from galleries there seems to be no way to navigate to that persons Personal WC site. example:

Am I missing something some were?
September 30, 2010 by adni18 on adni18 - Digital Design
The Edit option of a comment doesn't work for many weeks now, gives always this error: An error occurred while processing your request.

I wish someone could fix it
September 8, 2010 by neophil78 on neophil78
Can't find a way to delete skins from my gallery.

What's the procedure to do it ?


September 6, 2010 by Kevison on kevison
Since I cant seem to read forums titles before I actually post....

Using IE8

All pages are slow to render.  Some pages all but time out when loading.  Couple of cases when perusing the Windowblinds area when I actually had to kill the browser as it sat there for a full minute trying to load, cleared cache and retried and not much better. 

If I have time I will go through again and jot down the pages where it hangs or takes a long time to load.

August 29, 2010 by neophil78 on neophil78
Question is simple.

Still didn't find the correct way to upload for any category the preview  

Whatever size i give for the preview it's asking me to define which part of it i want for preview and the biggest possibility still cuts off a part 

Finally i made a 280 x 175 preview, and everything's is weird (preview cuts off and zooming on preview not working ... )


Solution please ?
July 29, 2010 by jazzilady on Wallz
I was just visiting my home page and noticed all my work wasn't showing. I get one page and that's all. I don't know what changed or anything, but it's never been that way before. I did do one change to something in my personal information, but that's all that I can think of. While I have your attention, when are we getting back to power to delete or change our artwork? I hate that every time something messes up while uploading, like 4 of the sa...
June 28, 2010 by DEVJIT on Sunshine All the Way
I cant seem to find the options to edit the text above my avatar in my personal site or edit the text besides the avatar.can anyone help pls.

June 14, 2010 by Orcnbeans on orcnbeans
We've recently pushed an update to fix the issue some users were experiencing regarding not being able to download after resubscribing to WinCustomize or Object Desktop. If anyone is still experiencing this problem or any new problem regarding reaching a download limit when you should not have one, please let us know in this thread.


Thank you.
June 6, 2010 by Johnnygnote on johnnygnote
When I first joined the site the photo gallery was not functional for personal pages. Now in the new site there is a photo tab for my personal page but no obvious way to use the photo area. Can anyone tell me the purpose of this tab and if there  is ever going to be a way to use it? Sorry If I sound a bit frustrated but it's a bit so.

Much appreciation

May 25, 2010 by jazzilady on Wallz

I've been wondering why at times the previews for wallpapers are really a great size, and sometimes they're all bloated out of proportion and look awful! When a wallpaper gets blown up, it looks horrable! Pixels all over the place, but when they show normal, well, you get my drift. Shouldn't it be one size all the time? Preferrably the smaller previews?
May 25, 2010 by c242 on c242
Hm, will that be 9 forever ? Or will we be able to have more than that in the future ?
May 16, 2010 by jazzilady on Wallz
I just wanted to let you programers and those behind the scene fixing the bugs and problems people have been going through since the launch of the new site, that you're doing a great job! Everyday there's improvement and everyday new challenges have been met. After all the moaning and groaning about all the things that are wrong, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the hard work and effort. So, THANKS!!!!
I have updated the WinCustomize personal pages so that the design matches the new WinCustomize design.  I have also fixed some bugs, increased performance, and all-around cleaned it up. 

FYI, if you do not already have a personal page, you will not be able to create one for the time being.  We are working on a "Settings" page of some kind to handle all of that stuff, which we will release in the near future.

Please report any bugs you may find here or in this forum.  He...
May 12, 2010 by ladyj55 on Ms ladyj55
When I go to the registration list to download, I get a error sign saying:"Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly. "   Could some one tell me how to  get my Product information to work so that I may download the things I've payed for PLEASE !!