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April 1, 2006 by Leauki on The Leauki Empire
This is a list (with explanations) of some questions about history I have often been wondering about.


Question 1

How did Egypt evolve into the expensive pharaonic system several thousand years ago?

I have always wondered how one culture among so many evolved into that supreme exaggeration of an absolute monarchy.

(Yes, I know about human stupidity. I also know about the joke with the Egyptians falling for a classic "pyramid" scheme back then.)

Question 2

Was the...
September 25, 2004 by CHRISTIAN_URICOECHEA on uricoechea
This part of my page describes a lot of the greatest events that have occurred in the history of civilization. Some of them are great advances in the history of man, great medical or scientific discoveries for example. Others are disasters caused by man is inhumanity to man such as the thirty years war.Many of the events in this part of the page are cultural milestones, famous events . And many events may not seem important to you at all : popular music or social custom may not seem to be as sig...