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well have to try this to see if I got it
  Having NO fun here,  trying to get the font where I need it to be able to actually see what I'm typing!

been a rough time since last July,  my dog was attacked twice,  by the same two mutts that were visiting here where I live.

Our building got bedbugs,   and in the process of trying to get ready for the bug busters to blast them into smithereens,  I fell and broke my left arm....

Thought that was enough,  NOPE  ,   guess not. &n...
February 4, 2015 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
This is a very cool thing! I can't imagine being there, but it could teach us humans how to treat each other?

First Summer with the chickens. They seem to be having a good time.  I’m late on harvesting honey though, too much time spent in the debugger.
I have finished extracting he honey!  First 3 people to respond here will get some! (must be in USA, can't ship honey overseas).
I brought in frames of honey and extracted the honey from them. I then took the depleted frames back outside and soon discovered that the bees had followed me home.
September 21, 2013 by Frogboy on Brad Wardell - Skinning the frog
My raised garden! Right next to the house, broad day light!
We went to the reptile show this weekend.  We picked up a male and female Panther Chameleon.  The female, I believe is already ready to lay eggs. So I’m scrambling (no pun intended) to learn how to deal with that.


   So the male (left) is like a peacock. It’s all colorful and impressive to attract females.  The female (right) I think is pregnant.  The question is how to tell if she’s ready to lay eggs or not.
Our background orchard has an apriary. I lost most of my hives this past year. Some of it due to CCD and some of it due to kids with too much time on their hands who come over and knock over the beehives from time to time (and tear off the no trespassing signs).  I could probably write a lengthy article on the cultural rot of upper-middle class teenagers who don’t have jobs, have never had to do anything and have a lot of free time to get into trouble. But that’s a different topic..
Today our family dog, Bailey, turned two years old.  Thanks to the power of the Internet and Facebook we have been able to keep in touch with Bailey’s siblings.

Here’s Bailey with my daughter:


and in the snow:


and last summer with her ball:


Bailey’s Brother with his ball:


Bailey’s sister with her toys:


Bailey’s sister with her ball and at Halloween: (Scout)



My dog Bailey turns 2 years old this week!


Bailey when we brought her home


Bailey recently


Do you have a pet? What do they look like?
If you haven’t heard of the Dog Shame group on Facebook, it’s hilarious. I contributed Bailey to it today when I came back from a meeting with Derek I found her in my office with the remnants of my candy bar (and yes, it was chocolate).
Yesterday Kay, the boys and I went to the Reptile show. We didn’t come away empty handed:

My son Ryan got this Gecko.

Alex got an iguana.

My daughter Ashley got a baby Red footed tortoise:

And I got an adult red footed tortoise:

These were taken in the conservatory, don’t worry about the snow outside. The floor tiles are heated to 78 degrees.

Poor Deb (my wife). I always tell her that by marrying me she’d end up with a bunch of critter ...
This morning I brought my dog Bailey to work.  As I was talking on the phone while she scampered around, she went out on the “frozen” pond. Moments later, I heard a crash and looked up and saw that she had fallen in.  For a moment, she struggled to get out of the water back onto the ice but then slipped and fell further and got stuck under the ice.

Without thinking (and now I understand better how people end up getting themselves killed when this happens on lakes), I jumped ...
As a side-hobby, I run the Facebook Entlebucher page. Entlebuchers are an amazing breed of dog.  They’re closely related to the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Swiss Mountain dog.  What sets them apart is size, life span, and hair length.  Entlebuchers are about 50 pounds, they have short hair and live around 14 years. 

Personality wise, Entlebuchers (pronounced Ent-Lee-Booker or Ent-Lees) are velcro dogs. That is, they want to always be with you.  There is a saying...