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Our newest family edition. Bailey. Our Entlebucher.
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Hmm, let’s see if I can whip up another one of these.  I’m starting to get a feel for this again. Let's set forth on our everlasting journey of knowledge with Dr Guy's suggestion from a long time ago, the all too popular, loveable........






Meet Eddie, the newest member of our family.  He is one year old and was saved from being killed by my daughter and her boyfriend who adopted him from the pound. 

He has been nutured, and has a chip in place.  He has all his shots and is a very healthy dog!  I love Eddie, we got along quite well when he visited us when we got together to celebrate his uncle's birthday, (my son)lol! 

He followed me everywhere I turned in my apartment!  He is well ...
August 19, 2008 by Bdeluxxe on berlindeluxxe
     Let me tell you about my Ladies in Waiting. One of them is an older girl, a ball of golden fluff and toothless wonder. The other is a curious rolly polly of pup, who at 30 lbs. swears to be of a teacup breed. These are my dogs, my 6 year old Boston Terrier and 8 year old tiny Pekingese.
These older dames have perfected a synchronized dance which involves doing clumsy pirouettes around my legs as I walk to the kitchen. They know the route, the choreography and the fact t...
April 17, 2008 by misterME on HeadStone
Okay. I know I'm likely to get flamed for the title, and content, of this article. But I just have to vent.

Puppies suck. And I'll tell you why: No household pet on the planet is more destructive, less disciplined, and smells worse (all the time, not just occasionally like a skunk) than a rotten, god-forsaken, evil little puppy.

In 34 years, I'd never had a puppy. I remember growing up with dogs, but they spent most of their time in the back yard, and came into the house only during sever ...
May 22, 2007 by Poison5 on Poisonous?
November 23, 2006 by dharmagrl on Life As An Air Force Wife
The hives, that is.  Grace is queen of the hives.  She's covered in them.

Grace slept on our bed last night.  About 5am she got up and went and crashed in Jake's room - and about 7am Jake was knocking on our bedroom door saying that 'Gracie has these bumps all over her back'.

We didn't even have to get up to know what they were.  'They're hives' he mumbled and rolled out of bed to check her out.

Sure enough, she had bumps all over her back...and over her chest, on he...
November 12, 2006 by FishHead on Enter The Fishbowl
So i recently acquired a dog, if acquired is the correct the word that is. Dog may not necessarily be the right word either, unless you've definition of the word equates to an evil robot that turns your back yard into an scene from one of, if not all of, the Terminator movies.

That being said, she is undeniably cute. For proof, see here. She is supposed to come when you call out "Sasha" but this is not always the case and sooner or later she really does need to learn to sit and stay. But i do...
September 3, 2006 by 66213 on My World
Yes it is most annoying when dog owners do not pick up dog poop. Responsible pet owners pick up after their dogs, even at the dog park when their canine buddy squats with in sight. The worst offenders are people who do not pick up after their dogs when their dog takes a dump by or in the parking lot. I guess it won’t matter to them until they step into a pile when they are getting out of their car one day. I grew up in NYC and you can get a ticket of you do not pick up after your dog. Can’t s...
September 2, 2006 by 66213 on My World
Why do parents feel that they can come to the dog park with their dogs yet without their brains?

Can someone please tell me what goes through someone’s mind when they bring a toddler to the dog park? Just from a sanitary perspective why would anyone in the industrialized world allow an infant or toddler to come in contact with canine fecal matter? Let’s face it, even if everyone picked up their dogs poop there would always be residual poop lying around. If you pick up and throw a dog toy and...
May 20, 2006 by MythicalMino on The Ramblings of Life
My wife has wanted a certain breed of dog for several years (actually, longer than I have personally known her). Myself, I have wanted a Collie…you know…Lassie and all of that jazz. But the breed of dog my wife has wanted? When people ask me, "What type of dog is that?" I answer them with this: "Just think, ‘Domesticated Bear’". Oh, yeah…what type of dog is that? Bullmastiff.

Well, anyways…to the story at hand. One night, my wife tells me that she found something that she wants to get...
October 29, 2005 by Janders on The life of Jayna's mommy.....
I don't even know how our dog George even got a hold of some of this stuff but he has a major chewing issue and I am at the end of my rope with him. Any Advice on stopping chewing would be sooo appreciated.

Todays list of destroyed Items: (in no particular order)

* One baby sock
*One pair of underwear
*Two socks
*One paper plate
*One bottle nipple
*A box of tissues
*2 breast pads
*a baby block
*one basket
*his food dish
*a hat
*One juice box, which at one time was full now it i...
September 16, 2005 by Janders on The life of Jayna's mommy.....
Last night I went out for a little bit. George hates his kennel and he was asleep on our bed, so I shut our bedroom door to keep him from chasing the cats while I was away.

When I came home it was a disaster. He somehow managed to LOCK the bedroom door. The door has a strong turn lock, not a push button. The key for the door was in a drawer in the bathroom INSIDE our room. So we tried to pick the lock to no avail, Jay had to take apart the knob, and strip the lock. Okay beig deal, we need a n...
This is my new Catahoula Cur.

His name is Indiana Bonz, Indy for short. He had a rough couple of first months. He was in the company of a homeless man and a wonderful woman bought him a meal and some clothes and offered to give the dog a good home. She immediately took little sick Indy to the vet and got him all patched up. He had hook and tape worms. He needed some minor ear surgery and he desperately needed to be vaccinated.

We picked him up last Saturday from this very nice lady. S...
June 17, 2005 by Death_By_Beebles on We All Need Love
This morning was another uneventful day at the farm... almost.

It seems we have a new farm resident. He has been uncerimoniously named "White Chocolate" for reasons unknown to me, and I've been taking to calling him "Buddy". He seems to be a lab-husky or lab-chow mix, and he is a nice dog, for the most part. He likes to get into things, and he chases cars, and farm equipment. Not a good thing, especially since we're in the middle of hay season. The hay tedder especially can cause any living c...