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A while ago I started a series of articles about the history of MS-DOS and CP/M.

I think I will continue the series soon, hence here a link to the first of these articles:
Rendering 3D Barcelona

Nos basamos en los edificios. Para la mayoría de nosotros , que son en las que trabajamos , el descanso y el juego. Dado que pasamos tanto tiempo dentro de ellos, es importante asegurarse de que están a salvo . Historia y televisión durante el día están llenas de edificios que no han llegado a la altura , con resultados a menudo incómodos , a veces fatal . Una encuesta edificio medido proporciona un registro preciso de un ed...

The technological singularity is defined to be the point in which technological progress is increasing at a rate that human level intelligence can no longer predict what will come next.

We are closer to that time than most people think.

There are a lot of technologies most people expect to happen that I don’t think will happen or, if they do happen, will be relevant for a startling short amount of time.

For example, strong AI.  My day programming job is AI (for ga...

If you’re looking for a non-politicized (just the facts) site for global temperatures here’s a good one:

All it does is use the NOAA satellite data to measure the atmospheric temperatures. No more. No less.  As a result, it doesn’t rely on readings ground stations which have tended to be somewhat inaccurate or affected by ambient temperature changes due to man-made construction (i.e. as an area gets urbanized, it ...