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June 20, 2001 by Istari on tandis
The Lord of the Rings website now has some pretty cool (NON XP!) wallpaper up. Now if only there were some skins and themes!
The owner of reports that he may have to close his site in the coming weeks.
The WinCustomize CD is now available! It contains most of the skins on WinCustomize that we have permission to distribute -- over 600 megs of skins, themes, and icons. It also comes with two, never before seen skin suites made by Alexandrie and Treetog. The skin suites include skins for most of the sections on the site. Proceeds from the sales of the CD go to pay for the bandwidth used by WinCustomize.
The public response to the WinCustomize CD has been so positive and the site had gotten so slow that we went ahead and trippled WinCustomize's bandwidth. Hopefully you can already tell the difference in the speed of the site.
Since Deskmod went down, traffic to WinCustomize has increased dramatically. We were already pumping out several megabits per second before then and the recent increase in traffic has simply increased it. The irony is, as Windows customization gets more popular, the harder it becomes to have websites to support it because of the bandwidth. Since banner ads and such no longer pay for these kinds of sites, other ways to fund the site have to be found. Stardock provides WinCustomize with a b...
DesktopX is nearing release after nearly a year of public testing and even longer of internal development. The new version fixes bugs and adds a host of new features not the least being having persistent objects (objects that you can choose to stay between themes). DesktopX is the ultimate shell extender. It's not a shell, it makes Explorer or Litestep or whatever have an object oriented theme model.
The Adrenaline vault has an indepth feature on Stardock's upcoming game network. is the gaming equivalent of which is where WindowBlinds, DesktopX, IconPackager and the rest come from. Stardock also released Stellar Frontier today ( which is a free massively multiplayer action/strategy game. The Avault article talks about the games on it and the upcoming games being made.
Stardock has released a new beta of PocketBlinds, the first and only complete skinning solution for the PocketPC. Version 0.90b now skins the title bar, push buttons, and the menubar along with fixing bugs reported in previous versions. It also comes with some new skins that take advantage of the new features including a port of Dangeruss's Liquid2 skin.
Many people may not know this but there's a really good skin site that has tons of sections: Check it out, it's really well done. It's fast, reliable and has a great interface.
So here we have this scenario: Between 1998 and 2001 a zillion really neat websites are created at great expense. They then run out of funding and the companies go out of business or are forced to sell. The sites have a ton of traffic but the sites have no way to make money off that traffic. Enter in a handful of corporations who are making good money who snap up all these sites at bargain basement prices...
From the Coolplayer home page: "Hi all! After the downfall of and there is a new leading player in the skins business. It's and they have added a CoolPlayer Skins section! I hope all skinners will upload their old and new skins to this site, so it will live long and prosper!" Even after only a few days, thanks to the help of the community and in particular Ken Ray from Teknidermy, the section has over 20 skins and is actually catching up on WinA...
In the past few months, we've all seen a lot of great websites go away due to lack of income. The problem those sites have is that they were relying on banner ads. Even Yahoo is having problems. A skin site is very expensive to run. In fact, as skinning has become increasingly popular, it's become even harder to have a good skin site. So the ultimate in cruel ironies -- the success of the skinning community has been effectively wiping out the skin sites. That's because downloading a ski...
WebBlinds turns Internet Explorer into a skinnable web browser. The new beta actually improves the performance of loading pages in IE as well as detects when pop-up banner ads are about to be launched and greatly reduces them. WebBlinds is currently free in beta and can be downloaded at Stardock's website.
Rumor has it from f'd company that Yes, THE Shockwave is about to go out of business. Not enough revenue from banners anymore.
Rumor has it that the next major beta build of Windows XP will have 2 alternative looks besides that blue Luna. All of the GUIs will have the new Luna look but with different color schemes.