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March 13, 2008 by Studentfromjntu on university list
A useful tool for SEO's, the Lynx text reader, which is the format Google used to crawl the pages. Firefox has an add-on for this to test our pages in Lynx text reader. So it is worth to test all our site pages in lynx browser.


Chandra ( )
January 16, 2008 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
I use the Google personalized page, otherwise known as iGoogle quite a bit.  I like the variety of gadgets that you can customize your page with, and the addition of themes last year made it even better.  The problem was that there just wasn't many themes available.

Well Google has opened the official theme gallery where there are quite a few more themes, and resources for users to design their own themes.  Check it out.
August 1, 2007 by KinniStyle on Apple Network 68.EB
Lemme give you an example: take some of your time to visit this website in order to see my proof about Google and it's power. Here are the steps:1. Go to the Site2. Go to the Homepages of and Click the Logo of Yahoo4. Do the same with the Google Logo5. There's my proof This is all proof about how Google is the most powerful Search Engine ever.
May 4, 2007 by Icon100 on icon100
Hi All

I'm using Windows XP Home SP2 and IE7. Can anybody tell me why the and home pages both display this message when I try to access them -

Can not open the vhcs2.conf config file !
Pleas contact your system administrator

and yes the spelling mistake is there too!

Also, any search using the google tool bar returns -

Error 404! File Not Found!

Any help would be greatfully received as this is driving me mad.
Thank You in advance.
Why Powerset (unlike Snap, Kosmix, Clusty, and Eurekster) will beat Google

High on the "will this startup tank after five months" checklist is "Does this company want to be the next Google?" Here are the reasons that search engines like Clusty and Eurekster aren't catching on, and why one new search startup actually has a chance.
Google has created a search site without any Google branding to test new features. The site, SearchMash, has a simple blue and white interface with a search bar and an option to click on "popular searches." Once keywords are entered, the results page features links to results running down the left side of the page...." Link

August 28, 2006 by Hankers on hankers
Google has rolled out a new service designed to enable the company to better interact with webmasters around the world. The site offers a variety of tools related to the company's search engine, including a status wizard to see if Google is properly indexing a specific URL.

Webmaster Central will also feature a blog to keep users informed about how Google crawls the Web, an expanded Webmaster Help Google Group, and a number of FAQs. As part of the Webmaster tools service, formerly called ...
August 17, 2006 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Now they are taking themselves way too seriously.

Google has said it intends to crack down on the use of its name as a generic verb, in phrases such as "to google someone."

The Internet search giant said such phrases were potentially damaging to its brand.

"We think it's important to make the distinction between using the word 'Google' to describe using Google to search the Internet and using the word 'google' to generally describe searching the Internet. It has some serious trademark i...
August 4, 2006 by PJ_ on PJ's little corner
I just searched Google for 'Karl', and got pages with 'Carl' in them. No, bad Google! This is why I switched from Infoseek to HotBot back in the day. It's okay to ask me if I meant to search for Carl, but until I tell you otherwise you should assume that when I type Karl it's because I mean Karl and not Carl. And I'm quite capable of typing "(Karl OR Carl)" if that's what I want, so don't go using that as an excuse.
July 19, 2006 by Kevin_C on Kevin's place for skins...
"'What I get a lot is: "Why are you against the Semantic Web?" I am
not against the Semantic Web. But from Google's point of view, there
are a few things you need to overcome, incompetence being the first,'
Norvig said. Norvig clarified that it was not Berners-Lee or his group
that he was referring to as incompetent, but the general user.

From an article posted on Slashdot, it appears that Google exec Peter Norvig thinks that the general computer user is incompetent. I know there are a fe...
June 7, 2006 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
Something new from Google.  Take the tour and sign up for an invite.

April 13, 2006 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
"Google late Wednesday opened up its much-anticipated Calendar service to the public in beta form, complete with Gmail integration and SMS notifications. Code-named CL2, the free service enables users to quickly add events and reminders, send invitations and share their calendar with others.

Google Calendar can import events directly from Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo! Calendar, in addition to supporting calendar standards to view schedules on any device supporting iCal or XML files. Gmail will...
February 23, 2006 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
It seems Google has now entered the web page area.  It seems they are offering free webspace and a site designer now.

January 25, 2006 by PJ_ on PJ's little corner
"In order to operate from China, we have removed some content from the search results available on, in response to local law, regulation or policy. While removing search results is inconsistent with Google's mission, providing no information (or a heavily degraded user experience that amounts to no information) is more inconsistent with our mission."

What happened to "do no evil"? I'm very dissapointed in Google over this.
October 29, 2005 by mrboo on wrestling2k
For all the guys who think Gmail and google mail are the same here comes the shock the answer is surprisingly “no”. Google failed to resolve the dispute regarding the Gmail trademark in Uk.

Does it mean No more Gmail?

Ans: No, Gmail will continue to exist outside UK and will be run by Google groups.

As for as U.K is concerned they still have a problem issuing a Gmail address to the new users, hence they have decided to start the mail company googlemail for U.K users. If U gonna be in ...