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Terrell Person is a 5'9" 165 under the radar DB. He attends Marist High School in Bayonne,NJ. Terrell Person was sidelined his Junior year due to Injury. Still racking up 28 tackles 6 sacks and a few forced fumbles while only playing two games. Person also earned an All-county nod from his Head coach Larry Arico. Terrell Person returnded his Senior season to take on Henry Synder in which he racked up 8 tackles. I also seen Terrell Person when the Knights took on Linclon and Terrell went head to ...
September 14, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world

Warning! Spoilers ahead.  If you haven't watched the NFL games this week, stop now lest you find the results from a few games spoiled...

Don't say I didn't warn you.

August 22, 2008 by Dr Guy on A Breath of Sanity
Gene Upshaw passed away this week.  At the not old age of 63.  Gene and Art Shell were the core of the Raider Dynasty of the 60s and 70s.  One of the players that John Madden loves to talk about, because no one else notices them - the men in the trenches.

Along with Art, a pro-bowler in his own rights and the Head Coach of the Raiders on 2 separate occassions, Gene dominated the game at this position and made the Raider left side an impenetrable wall to opposing players.  ...





[once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker!!!!!!!]
January 20, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world
Icy cold, frozen tundra, fans doing their best to keep warm enough to sit through the game.

Yup, that's the kind of NFC Championships I'm talkin' about.  Real. NFL. Football.
January 13, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world
After the Colts moved from Baltimore, Maryland, I didn't think I'd ever be able to cheer for them again but time heals many wounds and in the last few years I've come to at least respect the modern era Colts and especially their All Pro quarterback Peyton Manning.

Sitting here and watching the playoffs, Manning is, as noted in the headline, a study in efficiency and poise.  He is as steady as they come, and is incredibly quick at surveying the field and finding a receiver to get the ball...
January 12, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world
Oh yeah, frozen tundra, with snow covering the field by half-time (and continuing to fall), and rock 'em sock 'em football being played on the field.  Yeah, it's playoff time.

While my team may be sitting home and watching on TV (and wondering who their new headcoach will be), I still enjoy NFL playoff football.  Rarely are the games a let down.
January 9, 2008 by terpfan1980 on My world
Busy at work lately, so I didn't get a chance to jump on the news right away, but it's time to say goodbye to Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs.

Sorry that things didn't work out so well this go around, and especially sorry about how tough this past season was, with the unexpected loss of an up-and-coming player (#21, Sean Taylor), but I wish you all the best in whatever you opt to do in the future.

The Redskins continue their search for their next coach.  It may be Greg Williams (c...
December 30, 2007 by terpfan1980 on My world
Nice to see that the Washington Redskins didn't back into the playoffs.  They did what they had to do, won out, and are going into the playoffs because they did what they were suppose to as opposed to say the Minnesota Vikings or New Orleans Saints who seemed to not want to take care of business enough to keep themselves in.

I know that the fans of the team that wears that irritating star are going to be dredging up excuses about how their team didn't need the win, they just wanted to re...
November 12, 2007 by terpfan1980 on My world
So, I'm thinking of trying Craigslist or Freecycle, but I'm not sure that what I'm looking for would be there.

What am I looking for?

How about a new headcoach and defensive coordinator for the nearby Washington Redskins?!

The burgundy and gold looks more like crap with every game they play.  Conservative (and I don't mean politically) play calling on both sides of the ball.  Insistence on running even when the running game has shown it is totally inept at goal line stands.&nb...
October 8, 2007 by Dr Guy on A Breath of Sanity
The Raiders are in first!  It wont last, but it is finally good to see it again after the last few years!
September 18, 2007 by terpfan1980 on My world
In the news today is a report that basically says that Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb believes that Quarterbacks in the NFL that happen to be Black face greater scrutiny than players of the position who are not Black.

Is he right or wrong on this point?

I'm not questioning his right to his opinion, I'm asking if readers here think that opinion holds water and has any basis in fact.

What do you think dear readers?

My opinion to be added into the comments area later on after oth...
September 14, 2007 by singrdave on Fountain of Useless Information
Last Sunday the New England Patriots shellacked the New York Jets 38-14 in a very lopsided victory. The Pats handed the Jets a solid loss.

Turns out the reason the Patriots did so darn well against the Jets is that a Patriots official was playing cameraman with several Jets coaches, filming the Jets' play calling and relaying that information to the Patriots coaching staff. Thus the Pats had advance, inside knowledge of what the Jets were going to do that play. And it's cheating. And it...
September 6, 2007 by terpfan1980 on My world
As I was riding home from work tonite and listening to the pre-game hype for the season opener tonite (Colt's vs. Saints in Indianapolis) the NFL rumor reporter was being asked about the JaMarcus Russell situation.  If you aren't aware of who Russell is, he's the #1 pick from the most recent NFL draft.  He was the #1 number 1.  First pick in the draft.  Drafted by the Raiders, a team that could use some good luck for a change.

Sadly, their luck with the Russell hasn't been...
August 8, 2007 by Coconut220 on The Pagoda Hut
Swansea City v Levante - Sunday 5th August 2007