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February 15, 2023 by teddybearcholla on Teddybearcholla
April 25, 2022 by teddybearcholla on Teddybearcholla
Just an FYI for those of you on Twitch.  My son is an artist and one of his clients is Goodman Games.  Below is what he wrote on FaceBook.   "Join me tonight for my last live show of the month on In The Studio.It's a fun time and your participation, suggestions and questions are appreciated.If you missed the previous episodes check them out here on Goodman Games Twitch channel.See you tonight at 7pm CDT!"
April 19, 2022 by Jafo on Jafo's Ramblings
Looks like I'm isolating for a week. Better part of half a million people at the Grand Prix last week...[they claimed it was a world record - seems they forgot about Adelaide in 1995 ....when it WAS a World Record].... Bloody good odds I'd get Covid .... ...and I did...
March 23, 2022 by SchismNavigator on schismnavigator
Thought I'd share this here as a very useful video on matters other than what people might assume is just "straight" and "gay". Some people just don't have any interest at all in relationships and the various accutruments that come with it. Jaiden's video is both fun and informative for people who might not realise it's okay to just be happy by yourself.
If I were to make a graph of the amount of time I spent on Twitter, it would have started at the founding of that service, peeked in 2015, gradually declined until 2019 and then plumuted. As NASDAQ noted, Twitter isn't really profitable.  And how can it be? How can you base your business on something that might suspend your account based on the opinions of its far, far left employees?  Satire site, Babylon Bee, was recently banned for making a satirical post about public figure, ...
February 12, 2022 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Hey guys.  You all are family.  I have been in this community long enough to feel like I can share real life stuff with you. A scant few of you know the story of where I have been and what I have been through. ( Not that I have had it so bad. ) I have been on the bottom. I have lost my spirit when I lost my entire family.  But I made it through.  I think you also know I am an avid fisherman.   I just wanted to share this, because I am religious man, and a human ...
September 6, 2021 by JanOscar on Jan Oscar
Rest in peace, Michael K. Williams.   So sad....
August 24, 2021 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
The Return Date of Pumpkin at Starbucks has Officially Fall-in A Fresh Way to Pumpkin at Dunkin’: NEW Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Pumpkin Spice Signature Latte and More Fall into Dunkin’ Restaurants Earlier Than Ever Before | Dunkin' ( Enjoy!
August 6, 2021 by Island Dog on ID's place to speak
I am! Bring on the pumpkins!
July 14, 2021 by Iben on Iben's blog site
Dark Matter: Is it possible that the objects in distant galaxies see more normal mass locally than we see in those galaxies from Earth due to special relativity? Or could extra mass come from the multiverse? The multiverse: Could all the universes exist in the same reality but each on a different frequency just like TV channels in a cable? Every time you change your speed you tune in to a different frequency and a different universe. What other ways could you tune in to a...
June 20, 2021 by Iben on Iben's blog site
In the double slit experiment, the bar with the two slits is a lens. If you change the location of the lens it changes the focal point which changes the picture you see on the screen and the results  of the experiment. You can go a step further and put on the wrong prescription glasses when you view the results of the experiment, this will change the entire history of the experiment and change the results you observe.   On to entanglement. You have two entangled...
May 3, 2021 by RedneckDude on redneckdude
Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here (Baloise Session 2015), 1st Edition - YouTube      
March 17, 2021 by Jafo on Jafo's Ramblings
Motor Racing has lost 2 greats in the sport within a matter of days. Murray was "the Voice of Formula One" and Sabine could drive rings around just about anyone on the planet. I never had the chance to meet Sabine, but I did meet Murray years ago.  He was a lot of fun, even signing the back of Terry's GP overalls..."Unless I'm very much mistaken....Murray Walker". Both will be missed.
February 18, 2021 by Jafo on Jafo's Ramblings
....and you will lose. The Australian Government will set the precedent. You may have to make do with being filthy rich.... instead of obscenely rich. It's time for an actually Responsible and Accountable Social Medium to replace this petty childish brat's. Pay for your use of news media, particularly as you profiteer from it with embedded advertising, and don't demonstrate just how much of a vindictive arse you are by blocking sites dealing with personal health crises such as suicid...
February 3, 2021 by Jafo on Jafo's Ramblings
Passed away today from Covid 19. A true hero. Rest in peace.